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A week of tracking so far

Saturday, May 11, 2013

As I set my goal to do, I started tracking again as of 4 May. I am using a software called Living Cookbook rather than SP. The key reason for that is the software does a bit more including kitchen inventory (helping me keep track of what I have and what recipes will work from that) and pricing (I record what ingredients costs when I buy them, and it gives a cost for recipes or quantities of the ingredient.)

I haven't yet met my goal of bringing my calories down to 2050 so I can get back to losing. Instead, as I mentioned in one of my feed statuses, I've been eating over my maintenance range by around 600 calories (at a guesstimate).

Now, one week later, I thought it was interesting to look at the numbers.

My weight has bounced up and down, all below my "hard cap" of 180, but too close for comfort. End result? No change. Meanwhile, my calories daily have averaged 3140.

... DATE ....... WEIGHT ......... ATE
5/4/13 Sa ...... 178.0 .......... 2817
5/5/13 Su ...... 177.5 .......... 3278
5/6/13 M ....... 178.5 .......... 3097
5/7/13 Tu ...... 178.5 .......... 3029
5/8/13 W ....... 178.5 .......... 3547
5/9/13 Th ...... 179.5 .......... 3477
5/10/13 F ...... 179.0 .......... 2738
5/11/13 Sa ,...178.0

Given those numbers, I'm actually not sure I'm going to need to drop all the way to 2050 calories, but for now I'm not changing that goal so much as moving toward it progressively rather than abruptly.

One thing about tracking with the software that has been a little more challenging is that I do it at the end of the day, when it is too late to change what I've eaten. It is built to be a menu planner, and as I get the inventory set up and begin planning the main meals, it will sort that out.

On the flip side, I knew before I tracked which of those days were going to be highest and lowest. I just didn't know what the number would end up being. I also knew and know that I've been eating too much. Something like string cheese in the morning, I've been eating two sticks instead of one ... for no obvious reason I can think of. I think maybe I started that to boost my protein, but with my protein over 100 all but one of those days, that's not really an issue.

In fact, nutrients are all doing pretty well. Averaged over the seven days, all the nutrients I pay attention to were well within acceptable ranges (not too high, not too low). Even with calories higher, my sodium averaged 2320mg and my fiber averaged 27g.

Feels so good to get back to tracking. It is a bit of work, but I love having those kinds of numbers in review.


My Rave Run 5k is tonight. I don't know how well it is set up for speed (the Color Me Rad run wasn't, but the Firefly Run was). I am going to be throwing in some jogging here and there, which I've done on the Adventure Runs, and just see how it works out.

In the meantime, I'd better go eat then head grocery shopping, and get a few chores done. Ah the joys of a Saturday.

Have a most marvelous day!
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