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Did Someone Call a Doctor?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

I started this particular journey at 293, my highest weight ever. That's what my doctor recorded over a year ago in December 2011 when I had a physical.

Being overweight my whole life, I'm no stranger to the obsession a doctor can have with her patient's weight. "Stomach virus...that'll go away. Now what are we going to do about this weight?" "Leg fell off in your sleep and vanished, huh? You still have the other one, right? Good. Even with that limb-loss, you're still much heavier than you should be at 5' 3". Come in for a follow up and I hope to see a 10 pound month...oh right yes and we'll check on that gaping hole where your leg used to attach to your torso."

You go in next time, maybe 5 pounds lighter, and it's not "Nice job! Keep it up!"--- it's "What happened? Did you make an appointment with the nutritionist I referred you to? You really have to watch what you're eating and get moving. JUST 45 minutes EVERY day and it'll make such a difference. You really need to take this seriously. :::insert disappointed face that she figured she'd be using before she even walked in the door:::"

I never realized that a doctor that supported ANY positive change would be so critical to the start of my journey until this past summer when I was forced to see a new one.

Even by July 2012, seven months after my record setting weight in and official start of high blood pressure medication, I really hadn't done anything. I knew I had an upcoming first follow up appointment but meeting my doctor's "not-too-ambitious-just-10-pou
nds-a-month" expectations felt impossible and I knew even a small fraction of it would be met with...that face.

On short notice, I had been assigned a new physician. Great... But actually, she WAS and HAS BEEN great! Even though I couldn't expect her to ignore the fact that I was twice the size I should be, she didn't give me bold judgemental look. She seemed willing to accept my vow to start walking and eating better, even if she was secretly sceptical.

We set up a three month follow up. I've been avoiding going to my doctor any time I could and now this new one wants me to come back in three months? SPECIFICALLY for my weight and blood pressure??? UGH!

I can't call what I did during those three months "trying" and it showed because the scale only read about 290 on that next appointment. Boy was I gonna get it.


But you know what? She actually applauded the loss, as seemingly insignificant as it was. Amazing! Again, I vowed to do better before I left. Told her the different things that I planned to do but just hadn't really done yet...the usual story. And, again, she accepted that just like before.

I had never experienced that before. She seemed so willing to see what I could do without her nagging. That may have been the very thing I needed! I started to change little things, walk a little today, walk a tiny bit more tomorrow, eat one less cookie today, do a couple discreet calf lifts while I wait for the elevator at work, etc.

At my last appointment with her, one month ago and nine months after my first one with her, I weighed in at 281. That may be only 12 pounds in all that time, but that's 12 pounds more than I actually thought I'd lose when I hit my highest. Despite the fact that she did feel I needed to start taking a triglyceride medication while I worked more on my weight and diet, she was very supportive of the change, however small it may seem in the grand scheme of things and that's all I really can ask for.

In just this last month, I've lost an ADDITIONAL seven pounds. It's been years since I've seen the 270s and now I'm I haven't been giving it my all at ANY point during this past year, yet I look at what I've done and how much I've accomplished so far both physically and mentally, even at half-speed. And I'm proud. I. AM. PROUD. And for once in my squishy, puffy, sweaty life, I see a change in me and my future. An actual change.
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  • LINDAF49
    What a delightful and positive blog...I appaud you for progress made and for coming to sparks for encouragement and plan and specific teams to fit your needs and so many of your wants too. God bless your path to healthier YOU!!! Yeah!!!
    1563 days ago
    Some doctors like to focus a lot on weight. Hey, it's part of their jobs but personally, I just wish they realized that weight is not the cause of all problems and it takes time to change. Your previous doctor set ridiculous expectations. 10 pounds every month isn't a reasonable goal. Maybe it's possible for some people with fast metabolism but for some, even with the most strict routines, it isn't going to happen.

    Glad you found a new doctor. It really does make a difference when you have a doctor who is willing to work with you and understand that changes are a slow process and it's okay to take your time. All of those small things you are doing will add up big time. One less cookie today. Two less tomorrow. You are going in the right direction and should definitely be proud.

    I am just curious. What do you think is stopping you from trying your hardest and giving this your all? You have it within you. I can tell that you want to change and you want to get the pounds off but it seems like there is something holding you back as well.

    Maybe you could use your appointment with your doctor coming up in a few months as motivation. I have to go back to 2 different doctors in 2 months and one of them talked about how much getting the weight off would help-as if I didn't already know that. Not looking forward to the appointments but hopefully, the effort I am making will pay off and they will know that I am trying. I also have a lot of weight to lose (over 100 lbs and a short frame -5'4.) You are definitely not alone and I hope it helps you to know that there are people here working hard to reach similar goals right along with you.

    Hey, don't diminish your accomplishments! 12 pounds is 12 pounds no matter how long it took to lose it or no matter how far you have to go. Every pound lost counts!
    Remember, this is about progress not perfection. Even if you workout and the scale doesn't budge for a while, your body is still reaping amazing benefits!

    Congrats on losing those pounds and Keep it up!
    You CAN do this!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    1564 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/11/2013 8:59:58 PM
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    1564 days ago
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