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Saturday, May 11, 2013

After trying calorie cycling with mixed results, I've decided to try eating more (all those who suggested this to me can insert at big HA HA here.) In the past when I've lost weight, here is what worked:

1) Not working out and not eating much. This happened most recently after my Dad died last fall, but has also happened other times I've been very busy or stressed. So, we know at some caloric deficit I do lose weight. I don't know how much I was eating, but I know it was not much at all. I dislike not working out, so this isn't really an option.

2) Working out a little bit (for me) and eating (more). In January I lost 8.5 lbs in just under a month. I was working out at a moderate intensity six days/week - running for just 3-3.5 miles or doing a half hour on the Nordic Track. I was also doing the intermediate level of an at-home strength workout four days a week.

I checked my Sparkpeople logs, and found I was eating an average of 1746 calories per day. This kind of doesn't make sense, because it seems at that level, I should have been barely losing.

But also what I discovered is, I'm working out more now - but also eating less! I still workout 6 days a week, but run 5-8 miles four days a week at a higher intensity (hill repeats, intervals, tempo runs), with two easier days of a 4-5 mile trail run or a 30 minute workout on the Nordic Track. I am back to doing the strength workout four days a week, but at the Advanced level. I also am helping to clean out my Mom's house - a huge job.

... and I've been eating around 1600 calories per day.

Now, if I was working out less and eating more and losing over 2 lbs per week, it seems to reason that if I'm working out more and eating less now, my body is probably going to hit the STOP losing weight, I'm starving buzzer. Which, it seems to have done.

However the other confusing thing is I've been using a Bodymedia armband, which says it tracks calorie burn to 90% accuracy, and says I should be losing weight at a reasonable rate (about 1.5 lbs a week, but I've been losing about 0.5 lbs a week if at all). The only thing I can guess at this point is it's been underestimating for all the activity I have?? I was concerned for a while that I was eating too much, after all, that's all you see - to eat less, less, less. I also thought maybe I was measuring wrong or overestimating my food intake. But then I thought about it, and if I'm used to renovating houses and measuring things down to the 1/16th of an inch... I doubt I'd be that far off in measuring food with a scale. Come on.

So, I raised my calories to just a 500 calorie deficit per day for two days. Upon doing that - I was STARVING all the time, I felt like someone who had not eaten in weeks! I think it was a signal my metabolism was firing up again! Woot! So I have decided to go off my diet completely for two days to "reset" my metabolism.

Then, I am going to try to just do a 250-500 calorie deficit per day and see what that does. HOPE IT WORKS because,"I should have been at my goal by now," and I'm tired of saying that!!!

Let me know what you think??
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