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Stay in school, kids! (World of Warcraft proof)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

We no longer live in a world where you don't need advanced math. Heck, dieting alone and doing all that calculating is enough to show that it's going to be important. Even if all you plan to do is spend your time playing World of Warcraft, you simply can't get by without it.

Here's a fun little quiz, based on World of Warcraft, to demonstrate. I made this quiz two expansions ago, so while it hasn't been updated to reflect the Mists of Pandara expansion, you get the idea!

Question 1 (5 pts): You decide to run a dungeon, and get into a dungeon finder queue as a damage class (DPS). Your initial wait time is 35 minutes on a busy weeknight, and so you spend your time questing until the finder announces that your group is ready. As soon as you click-in, you see that the dungeon will be Stonecore. This means that at least one player (often the tank or healer) is going to dump the group immediately, due to difficulty of the dungeon.

Let's say that the tank drops; you are requeued immediately, but have a 5-minute wait time until another tank is found. Immediately after the first boss, the healer also drops, which causes a DPS to furiously type that they have no time for this @)#T, and so you now have to requeue in order to find two additional players.

Assume that wait time for a DPS replacement is 1 minute, and wait time for a healer is two minutes. Given that a normal Stonecore run takes an hour, how long (total) will it have taken you to queue for and run this dungeon?

Answer: ______________________________

Question 2 (5 pts): You enjoy running dungeons. Due to various factors, you find yourself often having to eat a fresh serving of delicious Sagefish Tail in order to regain your spirit buff. You have maxed your cooking skill and are able to make this food, but it costs 1 fish to make each edible treat. Fortunately, you also have maxed your fishing skill, but -- unfortunately -- the fish you need in order to make it is the deepsea sagefish, the one fish on the planet that is not fishable from pools. The approximate global catch rate of the fish in its fishable zones is 15%.

Assume that you need to use approximately 3 food items per dungeon (yeah, you PUG'd it), and that you run 2 dungeons per night. Assume, in addition, that each catch takes 10 seconds of cast time (channelled). Approximately how long will you have to fish in order to meet your nightly demand for stat food?

Answer: ______________________________

Question 3 (5 pts): Foolishly, you took up tailoring, but you are now too stubborn (and have too much invested in it) to drop it. At higher levels, you need to use volatile fire for several of your finished pieces, including the creation of Dreamcloth (Dream of Ragnaros), which requires 30 volatile fire, and which is only craftable once per week.

Again, you are maxed in fishing, and you know a little place in the Twilight Highlands where you can fish up some of the volatile fire. Unfortunately, the pools that spawn it (there are four) are only up about once every 5 minutes. Catch rate of fire per pool, assuming 3 casts, is approximately 5 volatiles; it isn't fast, but this is the fastest way to get the fire that you know of, so you head off to the Twilight Highlands.

When you arrive, you see that there is already a Tauren in the area; you are an Alliance character, but, fortunately, this is not a PVP server and you are not flagged. However, the Tauren is also fishing in the fire pools; for the first pool, the Tauren gets two casts to your one cast. For the second, you get two casts to his one cast. Again, assume that cast time of each catch is an average of 10 seconds, and that all four pools are up at once, but all are also only up once every 5 minutes.

You need to make only a single Dreamcloth. Do you have time to go to work today, or should you just go ahead and fish? Would it be faster if you logged on your PVP toon and ganked the competition? (Factor in travel time of 1 minute from portal, and repeat rekill rates of 30 seconds every 5 minutes, including an average win/loss ratio of 3:1.)

Answer: ______________________________

Question 4 (5 pts): is offering gold at the rate of 1,000g per $3.34 real money. You have seen their name up in Trade Chat for years now, and so you are thinking they're either legitimate, or they're part of a corporate effort to reduce server population through entrapment. A new spammer, who has the courtesy of whispering you *directly* (yes!), is offering their gold for the rate of 750g for $2.75 real money.

Which offer should you choose, assuming that nobody you know would find out? 3 points will be deducted for sanctimonious responses, regardless of accuracy.

Answer: ______________________________

Question 5 (5 pts): You decide against the gold offers, seeing as how you've finally discovered Tol Barad, and you enjoy doing dailies. Nice, safe, gold-generating dailies. However, you are a cloth-wearing (caster) class, and you die fairly often.

Given that there are 5 dailies, and amongst all dailies, you wipe out 7 times trying to complete them, with each wipe out costing you 2g50s, but each daily netting you 11g36s: by the end of the day, how much money have you gained or lost?

Answer: ______________________________
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh no! haha :) Well you will have to let us know how it goes. *Grin*
    1776 days ago
    LOL! I just got done Skyping with my sister and mom and the last thing my DS said was that she and her daughter will have to exact some in-game payback for my dissing them on SparkPeople!!




    Niece is heals.......


    I'm doomed.

    1776 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/12/2013 6:26:19 PM
    Daughter of the Alliance

    Gonna hit Guild Level 20 today!!! Squeee! Heirloom helm for my new Panda Monk, Julietbutler!!

    Sister: Contepartiro
    Niece: Appolonia
    Nephew IL: Elfgeni
    Family tanks: Vedmede and Ännamolly
    1777 days ago
    Wowl I have wandered into the free FATE Undiscovered Realms that came free on my laptop with windows, but found that if I actually spent serious time in there I wouldn't have time for my life!

    Based on what I did experience though, you are right. It takes some skill. Not to mention a new vocabulary, LOL.
    1777 days ago
    haha THANK YOU for the perfect complement to the post! Loved it! I gotta get in on - looks like it's time to talk with the hubby, soon as he gets off TeamSpeak and out of Throne of Thunder. Til then, he's "He Who Shall Not Be Disturbed!" *grin*

    (also ROFL at the 3-hours per dungeon; that is more true-to-life among friends/family, for sure! I gotta come roll with you guys! :P)
    1777 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/11/2013 11:13:14 AM
    Not only math skills, but research skills as well!

    Q1: $20.00.

    That's the going price for walking into my son's room, interrupting his current game, and making him log in on my tank alt on our secondary WoW account. Total playing time will actually be 3 hours, though, because my sister and niece will realize at the last minute that:

    ~ Their bags are full.
    ~ They have no buff food.
    ~ They have 2 un-gemmed slots and 3 missing enchantments.
    ~ The timer just went off and the fried chicken needs to be turned.

    We will also die. A lot. Thank goodness guild perks have increased our corpse-run speed. We need it.

    Q2: First, I go and consult El's Anglin' to see if any intrepid "serious fisherfolk" have found a better drop-rate somewhere! Woohoo! There are now pools ringing the fortress at Highbank, so I load up on some Potions of Water Walking and pop through the portal in Stormwind for some quick fishing!

    Q3: *on the phone, sounding like Death warmed over* "Hi, Boss? I have a terrible migraine today and can't come in. I'm going to go lie down in my darkened room and hope it passes soon. Hopefully I'll be in tomorrow." And hopefully that stupid bull will get DC'd in the next 5 minutes....

    Q4: $20. This is the going rate for gold-farming by Sadly, Thing 2 decides to farm money via Engineering, and generates a mere 300g after 2 days of Auction House sales.

    Q5: 41g 46s is still a tidy sum for time spent, and the corpse run on TB is not that bad!


    LOL! That was great fun! Non-gamers have no idea how educational modern games are IRL. My younger son routinely impresses his History teachers with his general knowledge of Medieval and Renaissance history, based on his travels through Assassin's Creed!

    And number-crunching is routine, as you beautifully demonstrated in your blog!

    For the Alliance!
    1777 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/11/2013 11:05:34 AM
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