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Lisinopril x2 Testing to begin!

Friday, May 10, 2013

OK, so... to continue on from the last entry - yes, I'm a procrastinator! I don't get personal things done (like calling Dr's - unless I'm currently suffering from a serious or frightening issue) while at work - I just forget everything except work when there. So, it took until today, when I'd taken the day off to stay home in case the tree guys showed up to remove a tree in our front/side yard. Figured I'd call early and talk to my Doc's nurse, and get her to ask him (roundabout way of avoiding an unnecessary visit/charges) about the kidney specialist ordering the double dose of Lisinopril.

I was shocked when she told me he said to go ahead and try taking them as she prescribed. Who knows me better, the one who's seen me for the last 8+ yrs? Or the one who has seen me 5 mins in her office? I then mentioned that my readings had been consistently low, and even read them aloud to her on the phone when she'd called back with his response. She said... if they're definitely that low, then no - you probably don't want to really double them. Either way, she told me to call the kidney spec and advise them of the readings outside their office - and see what they had to say. I'm really feeling it is the ol' white coat syndrome and my high anxiety style :)

So, went on to the grand opening of our Y's new location (zOMG it was heaven! Even tho' things are still quite chaotic, and half of the equipment was still being unpacked and set up - it is breathtaking for a YMCA! Guess I'll go into that more later - back to the Lisinopril...), then came home and decided where I was going to go purchase my replacement Sonicaire this evening, and researched what I was ordering for our 'Crazy Crew' Friday night dinner.

My favorite entree (that I've never eaten the whole thing, but even eating the leftovers within a few days is probably too much) is 1500+ calories! So, I planned enough earlier today, knowing I was going to have a splurge day... worked extra long on cardio at the Y... and allowed myself to eat up to 75% of the dish. One of the 5 chicken pieces on it went straight to hubby's plate. The rest was mostly pasta, with broccoli and the CALORIES were mostly in the alfredo sauce. I do limit that kind of splurge to no more than once every several months - it's just so darned good! Left so much pasta on the plate (and sauce), so I feel just fine eating (overestimated I hope) about 1100 calories of the dish, and two of their 100 cal poppy seed rolls. Where and what was it? Oh, I kinda skipped that, didn't I? Sorry - our rare treat place is Fatz (love the name). The entree - Parmesan Encrusted Chicken Pasta is MY dish. Oh, and the splurge day - I only went over by about 44 calories! I was shocked! Sure hope I don't suddenly crave anything the rest of the evening :)

So, after dinner... our party of 3 broke down into just me and friend (hubby wanted to come home and sleep - rough day, since he didn't take off with me!). We ran next door, and I got my toothbrush and some more deodorant (wow, ya really burn thru it having to apply multiple times per day when you work out regularly!), and some mouthwash & undies for hubs. She grabbed some roses & cards for a graduation she's going to tomorrow. While there, I used the in-store machine to check my BP. Didn't like this new-fangled one that wanted to go thru my entire health history - just to get a simple BP reading. It WAS a lil' elevated there, compared to how it had been on my home/wrist one. So I began doubting.

So, on my way home, I decided it best then that maybe I did need the higher dosage - and at least I'd give it the ol' college try and worst case scenario - I begin having fainting spells because it is too low. LOL At the pharmacy, decided to use their machine, which has read higher for me in the past (post weight-gain, pre-meds). I had to snap a picture of the reading on my phone. It was a lot closer in line with what my home one reads! The systolic was 118!!! To me, that should is close enough to my home one, which I was allowing a margin of error for as it sometimes read in the 105-118 range, with the diastolic in the 60s and 70s. If there's going to be any 'right' time to try the higher doses, and see what my cuff reads, it's a weekend! So, AFTER I get back from the Y tomorrow, when I won't need to drive anymore, I can safely take one without fear of passing out without someone being around. This is my plan for the rest of the weekend, and Mon &/or Tues when the tree guys will probably come (supposed to rain tomorrow). I do also plan to try fresh batteries in my cuff - just to see what kind difference it makes.

Wish me luck, and that I don't freak out the hubster this weekend by passing out or anything! Maybe it'll not make that great a difference. I just hate wondering what a higher dose might also bring with it, as far as other side effects or organ damage (the cough is already irritating enough - esp when you have a headache).
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    I take it every other day. Your BP seems normal to me. Did you ever increase the dose? What happened?
    1489 days ago
    Yup - when I take mine, the one I have has a set position to be in. & they don't fluctuate as much as they fluctuate when I hit a new Dr office - like 50 pts higher. It's so obvious that it's anxiety-driven.

    1502 days ago
    I take lisonopril too. B.P. can vary a lot throughout the day. That is why they recommend that you take it in the same arm and at the same time every day. Even the position of your arm can make a difference.
    1502 days ago
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