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How fasting works for me

Friday, May 10, 2013

Some folks have asked how I'm doing with this fasting thing.

I have been toying with intermittent fasting sporadically since last June.
I learned then that fasting fit into my current lifestyle (semi-retired) but I was not following a specific program so just fell away from it.

However, I learned a lot about hunger and my body from the experience.

Then, I had been hearing about this IF diet craze sweeping the UK-
saw Dr. Mosley's show on PBS about the many health benefits of fasting
(his motivation, as he did not need to lose weight)
and decided to give it another more organized attempt.

Believe me, intermittent fasting is not for everyone! emoticon
But it works for me-
and lots of other folks-
there is even a sparkteam now. emoticon

So, my old friends know I have struggled mightily with losing weight and have come to the conclusion that the tried and true calories-in-calories-out formula does not work for all of us. emoticon

So, I admit, I have not read the book (The 5:2 Diet, or whatever it's called) and have been going by what I've learned online (last year and recently) and from my team.

My weight has been 185 (+ or - 2/3 lbs) since last June, despite having a negative calorie differential 9 days out of 10.
Since restarting fasting (16-18-20 hours) on 2 days a week I have dropped down to 180 and stayed there a few weeks.
One day I saw 179! emoticon
I am SURE I will continue to slowly but surely drop down, down, down.

I actually enjoy my fasting days.
I have no headaches,
which has been a problem in the past when I have tried to live on 1200 calories a day-
(I think because it's only 2 days a week).
I do not feel deprived.
I feel so in control of my eating.
I love working out in a fasting state.
And it is working for me!
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