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By taking time for myself this morning--nothing bad happened!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The nurse that was supposed to come --canceled! So I did not miss her because I took time for myself.Anyway I had left a long note for her.

The PT that was supposed to come did not come. Maybe she called and I missed the call. I knew she was supposed to come and so why would I have to be home to answer her " I am on my way" phone call.

The health aide that was supposed to come did come-BUT IT WAS YET ANOTHER NEW PERSON for me to train! When he arrived, I was taking a nap. I showed him DH's exercise papers and briefly explained what to do--and then I went back to bed!

I had the health aide do the exercises that the PT would have done with DH.....so again my taking time for myself did not interfere. emoticon Luckily he was smart and figured them out/. And luckily he did not refuse and say he was not trained by the PT! --another aide did that to us! With continually sending new aides-it is IMPOSSIBLE for the PT to coordinate training with each one of them.

Durning my nap,
The phone rang (grrrhhhrrr!!) . It was the nurse. She canceled and wanted to give this aide some directions. the directions involved me! ((grrrhhhrrr!!) She told him to do "personal care" and that meant use of the patient lift. The nurse told the guy not to use the lift because she had not trained him. So I had to use the lift and the aide did the diaper changing and bathing. So much for my nap!

The agency keeps sending new aides! It is driving me crazy. The nurse is well aware of this. I have trained well over 10 people in the past 4 weeks!!!! I am exhausted training so many new people, including new nurses and new PTs and new OTs.

Eventually, I told the aide why I was taking a nap. Training new people was exhausting me. And me using the lift is very physical, too. So having an aide was very little help to me. My anger has been building up.

All this "help" is exhausting me! Chris
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    What a frustrating experience! I am sorry that your respite was interrupted. It is so important to have time off. The turnover in staff is hard! My mom is in a nursing home -- but it is very upsetting for her when there are new staff or untrained staff.
    1774 days ago
  • MISSG180
    I hope the help starts helping soon. Ugh.
    1774 days ago
    One of my friends daughter' inlaws used to be the head of all the aides,staff nurses going to the homes of people like you and she said that it frustrated her to knowend.

    The aides, nurses would call and cancel the last minute. She then would get on the phone and call the ones who are on the list for back ups . They cancelled also or were gone out or not answering then others went and were like what your going through. So her daughter in-law went to her head one to explain. It was like talking to a wall. She was so stressed out for people like you that her hands were tied. So I hear she has quit. They say get low pay or sometimes they are partied out night before and sick and phone in or they just have excuses to get off.

    So I just prayed for you as I send this to you. That you can be heard and that someone can be over it all and have the real passion and not a deaf ear to you or husband.
    1775 days ago
    I can hear your frustration. I did some home health care for a while and it is often hard working with patients who are frustrated themselves, embarrassed to have to have a stranger take care of their personal needs and constantly having new people do these things. I would call the agency where you are getting help and ask why they cannot appoint the same helper all the time. When a PT person cancels out they should be responsible to get a replace for you. Emergencies come up but that is no excuse not to get the care their patient needs. They should definitely have a backup list of people to call. You definitely need some time to yourself away from your house. If you do not take care of You there will be two patients at your home! Sending loving prayers and hopes for improvement.
    1775 days ago
    emoticon Chris, I SO agree with what 1STATEOFDENIAL said! Absolutely contact that agency. You deserve better treatment from them.

    1775 days ago
    Chris - I wish I could come over and give you the big hug you deserve. I also wish that there was some way to make this easier but we both know that is NOT going to happen any time soon. Prayers continue for you and maybe eventually this will actually work the way it is supposed to and you will actually get some rest.
    1775 days ago
    1776 days ago
    All the more reasons why you need some time for you! Good luck to you Chris. You deserve a break. You need a break.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1776 days ago
    Have you considered calling the agency and asking WHY they keep sending different people? Are they overwhelmed and not willing to come back? Are they getting yelled at by your husband (I know you've said he's done that before)? Are there staffing issues? Are they not realizing they are constantly sending different people? If you know WHY then you can address the issue.

    As for the PT and the nurse who didn't come, have you spoken to their supervisors? Even if they have a 'good' reason to cancel at the last minute, their supervisors should know what's happening AND know how it puts you in a difficult place AND they should be offering solutions about how to make up for the deficiency (sending someone else out, having them come out the next day instead, etc). They essentially are not doing the job they are being paid to do and it puts pressure and problems in your lap. No need to be upset and throw a fit, but you have a right to stand up for yourself and for your husband's needs.
    1776 days ago
    1776 days ago
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