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My Princesses

Friday, May 10, 2013

Over the last few months, my two granddaughters have received several matching dresses and shirts (mostly from me), but never seemed to wear them when we would get together, so we never got any good pictures of the two of them dressed alike. In appearance, these little 3-year-old cousins are as different as night and day. Mia is my little Asian doll, with her gorgeous olive skin and beautiful dark eyes. She is short and compact and very sturdily built. Amber is built like her mom, she is long and lean and a beautiful blond, with bluish green eyes. But they are two peas in a pod and play together beautifully. They often refer to each other as "best friends," and are a joy to watch when they are together.

Before dance class last night, I drove to my son and daughter-in-law's house, with all Amber's clothes that the girls own that matched. We made our way through all their shirts and one dress and took pictures along the way. later I remembered I forgot about the Hard Rock-Washington D.C. t-shirts we bought the girls on our recent trip there. Oh well--that is for the next picture-taking session.

These are the dark pink shirts we bought the girls at the American Girl Store in NYC when we were there last November. For Christmas the girls got twin American Girl dolls--although, each girl's doll looks just like they do so they're not identical twins!

These shirts feature a picture of the two girls together in their Princess Halloween costumes. Mia's mom got them for the girls and they were in their Christmas stockings.
Their shirts say, "Best Friends."

I had a similar t-shirt in my Christmas stocking, same picture, only underneath the picture, my shirt says, "My Two Princesses." SO TRUE!

Here they are in the matching blue dresses I got them and put in their Easter baskets. So adorable.

Later they played, "make-up" and had a great time until it was time for dance class.

Amber spent all day yesterday with me, then spent the night and is here all today until her Dad comes to pick her up after his golf league tonight. Her regular daycare provider went out of town, and her mom (who would have had to work anyway) is in India for two weeks (she'll be home in a week), for work. Quite a trip--I'm sure she's missing her two kids!

I found this on Facebook, and loved it. I made picture collage Mother's Day cards for both my Daughters-in-law and added this lovely sentiment to their cards. I think it touched me even more, since I lost my Mom almost 23 years ago. I still miss her every single day.

The Mother's Day Collage I made for Amber's mom.

Happy Mother's Day to Everyone!
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