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Friday, May 10, 2013

Since much of what I own spent the past year in storage in Seattle, moving into an apartment has been a 2-part saga. First I moved myself in with some furniture and just the basics, and then a month later the things that had been stored arrived.

I moved to Maryland last year with the basics - most of my clothes, the reference books and files I needed for my business ventures, my computers, scanner, and printer... that sort of thing. I had mistakenly included a box of bedding with that group, which worked out really nicely as I used the blankets in that box quite a bit. All of those things came in about 20 boxes. I acquired a few things while I was in Maryland, so everything I moved to Virginia with filled two cars (SUVs - I didn't do THAT well).

I bought some furniture from the prior tenant of my apartment and have borrowed some things from my sister and some from my mom's house. I finally took possession of a cedar chest I bought decades ago that has spent at least the last 20 years at my mom's house.

The things that were still in Seattle - the rest of my books, all my kitchen stuff... turned out to be much more than I remembered. It was mostly at my brother-in-law's cabinetmaking shop and once my sister (other sister) and brother-in-law made a list, there were about 50 boxes! It would have been very expensive to ship all of those UPS, but luckily my brother has an account with Yellow Freight for his business and often ships things. It was still expensive, but not as bad. The container arrived last Thursday. My brother and my mom came down from Pennsylvania on Friday with the furniture from their house. Once we unloaded that, my brother and I picked up the freight container and brought it back to my place.

I would have been shot if I'd stopped to take pictures while we were unloading, but you can see how big the thing was...

And here's my living room full of boxes...

Over the weekend I started sorting and unpacking, starting with the kitchen. Not only did I have dishes, pots and pans, etc. to unpack but of course most of it needed to be washed as it came out of the newspapers it had been packed in - especially since my dishes, casserole dishes, and even most of my mugs are WHITE. Well, now they're white again.

My sister Peg came up on Tuesday and Thursday to help and even took some things home with her to wash in her dishwasher. By the time we were done on Thursday I pretty much had my living room back.

to where you can mostly see the cedar chest...

I haven't unwrapped the coffee table yet and there are a few boxes of tchotchkes hiding in the corner...

and even through we stacked some shelves 2 rows deep, there are still a few boxes of books that I'm going to need to either find homes for or get rid of...

But things are much better and surrounded by my own things I really feel as though I live here now!

And one more thing I should say. I am so glad to have the help of my family in doing this. I won't say that there hasn't been a cross word, but there has been more love and help than getting on each other's nerves. I am VERY lucky to have a great support system!
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