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An Idea.

Friday, May 10, 2013

If you are anything like me all you get in the mail is Junk and Bills. That’s icky. I’m thinking I’d like to start a “Secret Cheerleaders” team. I’m thinking we would need at least 10 people. Everyone on the team would get a name and address of another team member to be the cheerleader for (I’ll collect all the info and store it OFF LINE to keep it safe). Then each cheerleader sends a card, letter – something happy positive and inspirational, to their name twice a month! I think it would be a fun way to be and get inspired. It would be a commitment – if you sign up you need to be responsible to your buddy. You could stay anonymous or let the cat out of the bag. Up to you!

We did this on my dog forum (Secret Paws), where we send treats, toys, and such to each other’s dogs. It was so fun to get the package in the mail. It kind of fell apart this spring when the leader of the group had a family crisis.

Now the reason this came to mind was I was reading a blog before my walk today (sorry, don’t remember who’s – it was one of the featured blogs on the Spark People Mailing). She was talking about how she misses Spark friend who just “dropped off the face of the earth” so to speak. You know what I’m talking about. You’re friends, you communicate thru Spark, you read their blogs, and comment back and forth to each other; then they just stop posting. No reason, no note, - maybe their Spark Page is even deleted. It is sad. Now I know people leave for all kinds of reasons, but this blog focused on the feeling of failure and lack of motivation.

I thought a team like this would not only be fun, but it would help to keep us motivated. That happy card might just come at the right time. Also, it would give each of us things to look back on when we are having those “tough” times.

I’d like to do it in team format so we all have communication back and forth. Share what you got, motivational tips, sayings.

So what say you Spark Friends? Is this a good idea or is Kitty being pie in the sky?

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
FLORIDASUN 5/14/2013 10:03AM

    Aha...see what one little idea spawned? It's growing and growing and growing...oh may take over the spark universe! I hope so! Good JOB! emoticon emoticon

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VTRICIA 5/13/2013 11:18PM

    I saw that one.
It was amazing. I kept reading andwoundup surfing logs halftheday. But it was good, I think.

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CASEYSAUER 5/13/2013 8:57AM

    Let's do this! emoticon

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TAMELA_B 5/12/2013 9:09PM

    Wow...real mail?!?!? That sounds exciting! I'd like to do it!

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SEASONS_CHANGE_ 5/12/2013 11:49AM

    I'm so in!

Go to

to print out smile cards to mail to random strangers. You can also order the actual cards for free.

When I was working, I would put a smile card in an envelope and drop it in the elevator for some random person to pick up. It's a pay it forward thing and very cool.

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CAT-IN-CJ 5/11/2013 8:53PM

    Sign me up! Great idea!!!

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LTURSS 5/11/2013 8:10PM

    What a fantastic idea! I'd definitely be interested in it.

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EVER-HOPEFUL 5/11/2013 5:13PM

    there is a sparkteam ihave forgotten the name that does something similar but they change there buddies each month so that everyone on the team can get to know oneanother could even do exercise dvd/video swaps etc as we often get bored with the same workout and can switch it up by doing swaps.also if you have people on the team of differant sizes can do clothes swapping between the group as people loose weight and get into smaller sizes.just a few ideas to have.wish you well with your team when you set it up emoticon emoticon

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NILLAPEPSI 5/11/2013 4:58PM

    I really like this idea.

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PRNCSCUP1-2FULL 5/11/2013 3:51PM

    I'm interested. I think I can do it and could use a cheerleader or 2! Plus, I always wanted to be a cheerleader and never made the team! HeeHee! A couple questions.... Will we always have the same buddy or will we switch up and trade every few months or every month or something like that? Place me in the "in" category!

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JUSTME29 5/11/2013 9:44AM

    This is a really great idea Kitty! I'd really like to be involved, but I'll have to talk to hubby and he 's more than a little twitchy about giving out my real name and address to internet friends. Even if I don't participate I really think this is a fantastic idea and I applaud your effort.

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DARLY55 5/11/2013 6:35AM

    This just might save the US Postal Service!!! Sounds like fun.

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APED7969 5/11/2013 1:28AM

    Awesome idea! Although I wouldn't inflict the shipping costs on someone with me being so far away but it's a great idea.

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BLITZEN40 5/11/2013 1:14AM

    Fun idea. I don't know that I'm much of a cheerleader so I may not be the right person for it but I love the positivity behind it! emoticon

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KMRJPR 5/11/2013 12:18AM

    I love it...count me in!

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MUMMY22BOYS 5/10/2013 11:54PM

    Love the idea!!!

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LIVINGFREE19 5/10/2013 11:29PM

    Sounds like fun!

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TROOPER1961 5/10/2013 10:41PM

    Bring it Kitty!! I am in!! I think would be a fantastic idea for the tangerines also.

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RACHELANN85 5/10/2013 10:41PM

    I would love to be a part of this!! Count me in, and please let me know what I can do to help emoticon

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CBGBG5 5/10/2013 8:53PM

    You can count me in.

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GARDENCHRIS 5/10/2013 8:22PM

    sounds like a plan..

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    I love this idea! I'm in.

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KARENE10 5/10/2013 7:51PM

    Sounds like fun!

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SPOONGIRLDEB 5/10/2013 7:45PM

    Awesome idea! I'm in. I need something to do with all these stamps I've been collecting over the years and never used anyway LOL. I don't think you'll have any problems finding 10 might have problems with too many people!

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TWEETYKC00 5/10/2013 7:41PM

    It sounds like a really cool idea!

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KATYDID412 5/10/2013 6:42PM

    I am in! Think it's a great idea!

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1CRAZYDOG 5/10/2013 6:36PM

    I think its a wonderful idea. I honestly don't know how much time personally I could devote to it, but it is a fantastic idea to have a buddy!

HUGS and Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!!

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JUMPINJULIE 5/10/2013 6:15PM

    I'm in. Great idea.

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PRETTYPITHY 5/10/2013 5:22PM

    Such a cute idea!

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LESLIELENORE 5/10/2013 4:57PM

    I love the idea! Count me in if the idea gets off the ground.

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BEAUTY_WITHIN 5/10/2013 4:42PM

    I think that would be fun! I wouldn't be able to do it till things settle down a bit with the baby, but eventually I would :)

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MERRY_XMAS 5/10/2013 4:26PM

    I'm living far from the USA so it is difficult for me to participate, put it seems like a a good idea emoticon

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NOLABUG79 5/10/2013 4:00PM

    I think that is a great idea. I would love to do that.


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