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Friday, May 10, 2013

I remember the last time I did a low-calorie diet. I was successful, but I was hungry ALL the time! I found myself (no exaggeration!) looking for my shoes in the refrigerator and for my briefcase in the oven. I PACED in the kitchen, not letting myself eat. And I exercised 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. The exercise felt good because I could see myself getting stronger and fitter; but the hunger made me miserable -- and the hunger was constant. I CAN'T be hungry for the rest of my life surrounded by food! I regained everything and more... because I never learned control, only deprivation.

That experience is EXACTLY why I do Atkins now. I don't have to be hungry. Even when I mess up, I don't have to be hungry. It is something I can do for the rest of my life. I CAN stay in control!

I'm a sugar addict, plain and simple. I can have sweets on Atkins if I choose wisely -- and I CAN choose wisely -- I have control! Atkins gives me control. It is good to feel that I have some control! I certainly have no control around sugar! OR I can pig out -- and pig out I do! -- with sugar, and eat NOTHING BUT SUGAR because sugar has control over me. For me, the path of HEALTHY eating lies through Atkins.

Oh, it always starts so innocuously! A few too many carbs here, a few too many carbs there --never sugar -- always something healthy like too many veggies for my system to handle at my present level (I confess, I know it when I do it, but I can recover from a small indulgence!). Or one too many bites of beans or pulses. Or the carbs are HIDDEN in restaurant foods (THAT is a killer for me!). Starches break down into sugar inside the body; and sugar is sugar is sugar by any other name (thank you , Shakespeare!). And the next thing I know, my waffles are whole grain and my syrup is pure maple -- and then I find myself nipping sips straight from the jug any old time... And then I am DRIVEN to eat sugar, Sugar, SUGAR!

And it doesn't make me sweet; it makes me fat! It doesn't make me energetic; it makes me sluggish. It doesn't make me happy; it makes me ashamed.

And you want me to eat WHOLE grains? Like that makes a difference? Thanks for caring; but no thanks; I am going to stick with Atkins. For my sanity. For my health. For my self-respect!

And know this: the Atkins Diet is not Induction alone. Induction lasts 2 weeks and then you take the next step in the diet plan. It is an entire plan designed to allow you to lose weight while introducing carbs AT A LEVEL THAT ALLOWS YOU TO STAY IN CONTROL of your weight *and* allows you to gradually find your personal maximum -- which gradually teaches you control behaviors and introduces you to your maintenance diet when you reach your desired weight. You are never abandoned or forced to change drastically from one diet phase to the next.

You are never "forbidden" anything. You are SAFELY guided to find that you personally can eat something (and how much of it) and stay in control of your weight, or you discover that you can't. It is always your choice. On maintenance, many people can eat whole grains and other sugars and still be on a low-carb diet. --And still maintain their weight! --Because we've been led through a plan that has taught us control. And you? Do you go back to eating whatever you want and not re-gain weight? According to SparkPeople, returning to your past ways of eating means returning to your past weight. Why do YOU do all the work of getting healthy and getting to a healthy weight only to revert to old bad habits? So don't think arguing that a person cannot go back to their bad habits on a low-carb diet is any different from a person not being able to go back to their bad habits on a low-calorie diet!

Guess what? I HAVE the doctor's records/the bloodwork done for the last 10 YEARS to PROVE that I am healthier when I stay on a Low Carb Diet than when I eat YOUR idea of normal! Yes, it entails sacrifices. I sacrifice starches and sugars in abundance. I sacrifice addictive unhealthy behavior. I sacrifice poor health. I have sacrificed 30 pounds so far -- and KEPT them off.

I wish you luck and good health on YOUR journey. May you never be so hungry you look in the fridge for your shoes!
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  • ADZY86
    I'm right with ya. Great blog. Low carb is absolutely the way to go. No doubt whatsoever.
    1776 days ago
    i still have trouble with food plans that classify one nutrient class as bad, and some of the "official" writings on the subject call carbs evil. i like my veggies and fruit and i find pasta with cheese and tomato sauce is just the thing to start my day so i don't feel hungry until well past lunchtime. it's different for everybody.
    1776 days ago
    I have to agree with you 100%.

    1776 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1776 days ago
    Amen, sister. Dr. Atkins would be pleased! Most people wouldn't recognize a typical Atkins plan meal if you served it to them. Too many veggies! Too much flavor! Isn't Atkins that "all-bacon diet"? *snorts*
    1776 days ago
    Congratulations on your success with Atkins!

    I think a lower-carb lifestyle can be done in a healthy way and I think that many people do it well. You've found a good balance and I applaud that! We've all got to find the balanced plan that works well for us.
    1776 days ago
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