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To drink or not to drink?????

Friday, May 10, 2013

good morning ladies.
been 4 days AF deciding if I am going to drink tonight at a fund raiser. I get in for free since hubby is playing with the ULL faculty jazz ensemble, donating their time to the fund raiser I might add. So I get to drink for free. Free drinks is a prime motivator for going and of course getting to hear the band play. I don't really like to socialize so that is a negative aspect.
I could just go and take a seat and listen and not try to mingle. There will probably be water to drink so I could just hold a glass of water. Or I could choose not to go which is a good option. Hubby would understand. I like to try and challenge myself in regards to the social aspect though and I do enjoy their playing! They will have a female vocalist tonight, She is really good. Think I will go and see how it goes, it is supposed to pour today so they will most likely be playing in the art gallery.
WE have another fund raiser to go to tomorrow night where I will have to socialize. We are guests at a table, some friends will be there so that is good. It is a cash bar so I won't be drinking, don't know, I use it as a crutch, or I HAVE IN THE past used it as a crutch.
make it a great friday!!!I sent my mother a big beautiful geranium again that she loves for mothers day, it arrived yesterday and she loved it!
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  • ADZY86
    My advice is now too late but I hope you went and had a good time. I went out last night for a colleagues birthday and decided in advance that I was going to drink, decided exactly WHAT I was going to drink, and tracked it. I knew it was gonna be a heavy night (and a really late one too) so I estimated I'd have 10 gin and tonics with soda water (club soda). That's over a space of 6 hours - plus i hardly ever drink so I did let my hair down. That's only 62 calories per drink with no carbs (even though I know our body metabolises alcohol differently to carbs, but that's another story). I kept my food and calories earlier in the day on track so I didn't go over my carb or calories allowance, and I had a fantastic time. I really hope you did too.
    1775 days ago
    Geez- I'm the wrong person to ask-
    but if you can get by with water or club soda, I say go for it!
    1776 days ago
    I prefer the term social lubricant to crutch myself, but I understand what you are saying. I wish drinking didn't have the negative effects. The bad seem to outweight the good.
    1776 days ago
  • AMY-MIMI77
    go & enjoy yourself. If you want a few drinks tonight, go ahead. . . but all in moderation! I love music & am jealous that you have this oppourtunity

    enjoy your weekend
    1776 days ago
    You need to go and support your DH. As far as drinking? I would stick with water, I am sure they can add lemons to it, and give it some punch that way. I don't drink anyway, so easy for me to say. lol
    Keep in mind what is the first thing a Dr. asks when you present yourself as overweight. Do you drink or smoke? There must be a reason for that question.
    Enjoy the entertainment, that's why your there in the first place, right?
    1776 days ago
    I am a fan of my cocktails, too, so I would say indulge but go easy on it, drink a full glass of water in between if you have more than one drink, etc. And don't eat any time near when you drink: the alcohol (spirits) don't have a lot of carbs, esp. if you drink like vodka and soda with lime (no high-sugar mixers), BUT your body burns the alcohol first. So while it's doing that, it won't burn any stored carbs, and that is how alcohol throws you off (if I understand right).

    I think alcohol can have a place in low-carb. There's even a whole diet based around low-carb food but having wine/alcohol to drink. I specifically saw a site for it, called something like the Wine Diet or something? But of course now that I try to find the link to pass on to you, I can't find it. Will update when/if I find it again.

    Update: FOUND IT!
    Here's a sample quote:
    "One small but remarkable example of truth behind Drink Your Carbs as a weight-loss strategy: There are 380 calories in a plain Einstein’s Bagel with plain cream cheese. There are 126 calories in a bottle of Guinness Draft. If you dump the bagel in the morning and add two bottles of Guinness after work, you’ve cut 128 calories from your day."
    1776 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/10/2013 12:47:11 PM
    If it were me I would set myself strict limits, but allow myself to indulge within those limits.

    I work best with "time" limits, like "no drinks with or before dinner", or "no beer before 9pm". I also go a lot slower when I keep beer AND water in front of me. Taking a sip of water now and then slows down the alcohol.
    1776 days ago
    go and have fun. I love listening to live music!
    1776 days ago
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