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Morning before a doctor's visit.

Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm sitting here, up earlier than usual, skipping breakfast, just in case I need bloodwork done. I certainly hope that I have bloodwork done, going through this not eating thing. I get headaches from not eating on time.

My pre-doctor visit instructions were only water is allowed, take medications if you need (and I'd think that would be hard if it's "take with food"), and no exercise. Well, that's a bummer, I would have been able to pass a little time taking a walk since I have about an hour to kill before my visit.

Having gotten up extra early to have the car for the day, my system has already started to be awake earlier than usual telling me that I'm hungry. It's amazing that just a couple of years ago, I'd be able to gloat "I'm not hungry until 1 pm!" Now my body is used to this thing called breakfast. I usually grab my morning yogurt before I'm really even completely awake. Bringing my husband to work (even with it only being 3 miles away) I passed a Burger King, McDonalds, Subway and a Taco Johns, all open and ready to serve breakfast at 7 am or earlier. What I wouldn't give for a breakfast burrito or a sausage biscuit right now!

Like I've told a couple of other people, I'd love to have had a really early visit for bloodwork, but since it's such a hassle to have the car, it's just easier to do this all in one day. Being a one car family is tough, but fortunately my husband works close enough that I can just drop him off and have the car. If he worked farther (I couldn't think of him going all the way to the cities for this much hassle!) I would never be able to get out during the week or I'd have to be asking my 64 year old mother to bring me places, like she doesn't have anywhere better to be most days. We make due with the things we have and the abilities we are given.

I've written down my list, although the constant creaking I have in places should make them obvious, I know I'd forget one thing or another if I didn't make my list. I hope the doctor will actually listen to me today, he does seem to be one to try to pay attention, but as he's still fairly young (he seems about as old as me) he may still need some teaching from his patients.

I also printed out the "note to your doctor" from this site, inviting him to tell his patients who want/need to lose weight about a free resource to help them, I know not all his patients can afford the dietician he should be referring them to or some "weight loss" place that most don't really work long term anyhow for the majority of people. I also printed out more business cards so I'm prepared again to hand them out, I was down to just the one, so it was time to put more cards in my purse.

Once I get those kids off on the bus, it's shower time, then time to head off to the doctor. I suppose since it's been about 3 years since my last checkup, it's about time I went to see if I'm really aging well enough to last longer than how I had been treating myself at that time. Their scale may only tell them I've lost 40 pounds and he might even complain about me gaining back some weight since my last "blew out my ear" sick visit, but I have plenty to tell him today.
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