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Day 9 - Hick ups

Friday, May 10, 2013

I was so tempted this morning so not to get up and do my exercise. If husband hadn't gotten up I reckon we would have both just, you know, slept for another hour or so, which would have made me extremely grumpy and snappy. Despite getting up though, I was still a bit grumpy. Rain and cold seem to do that to me.

And then I did something stupid. I made a cake, in fact a black forest cake. And actually it wasn't completely stupid. You see, we have this international feast banquet at church next weekend to raise money for missions. Lots of people cook up lots of food from all over the world. Naturally I'd make something as well, a main dish as well as the dessert.
I wasn't quite sure what other people would consider a typical German dessert. So I asked a couple friends... apple strudel some thought (yet that's Austrian, you might not believe it, but there's huuuuuge difference between Germany and Austria) and Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte... that means back forest cake.
I've made one once before. They are amazing in many ways and if done correctly they are the star on any dessert buffet... yet my cake creations often... welll... don't turn out perfect. They still taste alright (or absolutely fantastic according to husband) yet if they don't look their part I'm not happy with them.
So naturally I HAD to try making a black forest cake, you know, a rehearsal black forest cake. Yet I'm not THAT stupid to make a cake for only me and my boys, that'd just call for suicidal binge. So I thought I'd make one today, we had a German play group on this afternoon, perfect to bring a cake for eating and testing. Well, they highly approved. I still don't know what my cake tasted like cause I haven't had a piece just yet (I'm proud of that), but the reason I haven't allowed myself a piece is that I'd gone a bit over board with liking bowls and eating good plain old sweetened whipping cream... by the spoonful. I tried to compensate for my slip up for the rest of the day though, yet if I slip up big time the binge monster puts his foot in the door straight away, and for the rest of the day I had to fight with thoughts of binging. I didn't. and my teeth are brushed... and flossed... and mouthwashed... too much work and time invested to indulge in binging now. So I am safe for today... don't have any desire anyways anymore, thankfully.

Well, tomorrow is a new day. Actually I think I will do a Zumba video now, just for the fun of it (can't dance for the life of me) just to feel like I've done something and not letting myself feel down and sad for slipping up. And tomorrow I will plan in a piece of black forest cake, because there is still a bit left of it in the fridge (I plan to bring some to the neighbours though).

But isn't she a beauty????

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