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Don't make eye contact with the bread!

Friday, May 10, 2013

I am working at the health food store today and tomorrow. My own personal challage is not to taste or buy any of the bread!!! Usually I work on days when its not brought in, thank god. I can do this!!! I am not really one for the GF diets. I just know I get really irregular when I eat a lot of bread. Therefore everything in moderation! Husband has been bringing home panera bagels from work on Fridays. Each one, even the "healthy" looking ones are 380 calories, that is a meal! Do I wanna eat a meal of a bagel?? Not really. He brought home one that looked like raisins and it turned out to be chocolate chips, yuck! Yes I said it, yuck. Bagels and chocolate should not meet. I threw several out to the squirrels and they took everything but the chocolate, the ants got that. I am not a fan on panera, never have been. Overpriced, over-salted, could go somewhere much better with your money. My weight always shoots up from eating there, I could have had chinese food! A real bagel is like a baguette, hard on the outside, soft inside. Paneras bagels are like eating donuts. Ok my bread rant is over.

I am still trudging along looking for a job. I think I am gonna go the temp agency route. Why not I am not looking for anything permant anyway. Plus maybe they have something I never knew I wanted. It seems like so many places don't hire the other way. My husbands job, they always go thru agencies. I guess that way they can get rid of u within 3 months with no questions asked. My boss at the online business,yet again was acting like I wasn't leaving just yesterday. Making comments about, how will he find work for 3 ppl this summer? Also making plans of me driving him in MY car to St. Louis next week (my last official day is 5/14). He is really is putting the nail in the coffins for me, Just hammering it really hard. I am done, very very very very done.

I have not been in the mood to shoot lately but picking up my camera a little anyway.

Day 102: My Sparkpeople book came! My excerpt is on page 283 I think. I can't remember now, I will look again. They made my life seem way better. Cut 1 yr off of college, cut Scott and me dating from 8 yrs down to 4. Made me into a receptionist when I started my weight loss. I was receptionist like 2 yrs before I started. I hope my story helps someone!

Day 103: I attempted Matzo ball soup from scratch and after working on my broth for over an hour. I lost 80% of it down the drain... Ohh well I made a go of it and we still had our soup with what was left!

Day 104: My garden is doing great! I am so happy I got the rain barrel. My onions and garlic seem to be growing a few inches a day right now. Zucchini is going nuts. Tomatoes have flowers. Yesterday was a nice wet day in the garden.
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    My solution for great healthy bread is a bread machine. You dump ingredients in its bucket, turn it on, and 3 or 4 hours later you have a fresh loaf of bread! With no extra additives or junk. You can even freshly grind some wheat at the health food store and rush home to throw it in the machine. If there is an easier way to make fresh healthy food, it could only be pulling a carrot out of the ground and eating it in the garden!
    1777 days ago
    I'm trying to a avoid bread. It has too many calories and it isn't all that nutritious in my opinion. They add vitamins. So I eat it when it's killer bread and pass when it's not. I feel for you though as I would imagine a health market would have killer bread. . I've only been to Panera's once and didn't know what to order. Of course, the one I went to was The St. Louis Bread Company because they started in St. Louis and that was their original name. So the ones in St. Louis and near there still have that name. I wasn't impressed with the food there but I really hardly ever am. It seemed like it was mostly soup and sandwiches. There are few foods that tempt me to eat out. I guess the closest I come is Red Lobster. I love their food. I kind of like small bagels but just plain ones. I didn't know they had chocolate chip ones. It sounds weird. I would prefer the Asian food as well.

    Your boss is in denial. I think temp work would be great. That way if you hate the place you don't ever have to go back.

    It is so funny that they messed up your facts in the book. I wonder what happened and if they did that with everyone. Do you think they did it accidentally or on purpose?

    This rain has everything really looking tropical here. I love it.
    1778 days ago
    For you Washingtonians - either go to the Bagelry in Bellingham, or the Bagel Oasis in Seattle (Ravenna, about 65th & 20th, I believe) - only decent bagels in the entire state. The two places are owned by 2 brothers. Truly good bagels. Although I love the Bagelry bialys when I'm there.

    Okay, I have to say how much I LOVE the footprint photo! You have a great eye for offbeat composition, I just love it!
    1778 days ago
    My favorite bagel story happened years ago when I was living in Washington state and there was an ad for BAGELS that described them as LIGHT AND FLUFFY - coming from New Jersey, I can assure you that we laughed ourselves silly imagining a LIGHT AND FLUFFY bagel. Bagels were relatively NEW to the area at that time and they hadn't a clue what one should taste or look like. YOU can do this - just imagine that LIGHT AND FLUFFY bagel and you will lose weight from laughing so hard.
    1779 days ago
  • HILLSLUG98239
    Daniel Pinkwater once said that a real bagel should present some threat to your dental work. I agree that what passes for bagels is a travesty. Fruit? Sweet things? Soft chewy dough? Never!

    There was a place in Spokane that made the best bagels. My favorite was the salt bagel (because my blood pressure wasn't already high enough :roll eyes:). They were ridiculously large, but I'd slice them horizontally into thirds or fourths. Oh, a salt bagel with cream cheese, lox, and a thin slice of onion ~ heaven!

    Maybe it's a good thing Spokane is 135 miles from here.
    1779 days ago
    Write a happy ending to your story and I will write one to mine!

    1779 days ago
    "Bagels and chocolate should not meet." YES. I also agree with your panera bread rant. not a fan, at all. The only thing "worth" the calories to me is their soups. Love the broccoli cheddar, though I am sure I could remake it at home. Their cinnamon crunch bagel is like a decadent dessert. Sigh.

    1779 days ago
    1779 days ago
    Stay motivated!
    1779 days ago
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