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It's FRIDAY... what do I need to remind myself of?

Friday, May 10, 2013

This morning's pep talk is brought to you by FRIDAY... wear red today! The State Farm 10 mile t-shirt this year was red, and on casual Friday, I can wear it to work.

Speaking of work, my continued trek of survival through "the big project" goes on. Yesterday's lesson: everybody gets into conflicts, unless they are being passive-agressive or a doormat... everybody on occasion has disagreements, professional or otherwise. Thing is, when your job is to think, and to work in a group, there will be differences of opinion. You reason them through, and when a decision is made, you support it, whether it is the idea you originally had, one you thought was ridiculous, one you really truly believe is brilliant, or anywhere in between.

I was listening to a fellow professional talk about how she'd been dressed down by HER boss. Last week I'd been feeling about the same because of how I felt in response to comments from MY boss. Funny how a half marathon can adjust one's attitude... all this seems so small since Sunday!

The bottom line is that differences of opinion are NORMAL, and can be healthy. Hopefully when expressed they can be expressed with kindness, rather than judgement. I can't control how someone else expresses their opinion... I can only manage my response. I can't necessarily control my initial EMOTIONAL response, but I CAN and am responsible for my actions in response.

So, for today... the reminders:

* Be a professional, afford respect to all. If you must disagree... do so as skindly as you can.
* Eat what's in the bag, it's why you packed it!
* Drink your water.
* And no matter HOW much fun your job is today... remember to "go to recess"... i.e. take those walk breaks. You'll work better for it!

LIFE is good. Spark on my friends! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • REJ7777
    I have no doubt that a half marathon can adjust someone's perspective on things! We can get so wrapped up in our own emotions.

    Lots of wisdom in your blog (as usual).

    My family is going through a crisis, and having to make very difficult decisions about our elderly parents (86 & 88). I had planned to do something very difficult, today, in order to help. But my sister expressed hesitation. I couldn't understand it. I told her I'd check in with another sister for advice. She expressed the same reserves. I was stunned! But lovingly bouncing things off each other kept me from making a HUGE mistake, which would have caused problems. I had been misinformed about a crucial detail. As the proverb says, "in multitude of counsellors there is safety".
    1749 days ago
    Kill them with kindness LOL! Glad you could put it all into perspective. HUGS!
    1749 days ago
    Conflict can be extremely fruitful or it can destroy development.
    Keep your chin up!
    1749 days ago
    What do they say... we must learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

    1749 days ago
    We all matter and deserve to be heard.
    1749 days ago
    You have the right attitude. Learning how to disagree professionally is an art.
    1750 days ago
    RED Friday, yes I have my red shirt on today and every Friday. Bogged down in work is not good for us. And now that the Union negotiations has been cancelled for today, I will be leaving early. Keep calm during union negotiations is very difficult when they continue to call off the meetings with management. Oh well, it gives me a couple of hours off this afternoon.
    Have a great weekend every body. I am off to the EIF Revlon Run/Walk tomorrow. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1750 days ago
    Very wise words. Sometimes I struggle with trying to be kind and not doormat. Expressing ourselves while remaining in emotional control, thoughtful and respectful of other people with differing views, is without a doubt the best way to operate. I suspect I will need these wise words very soon. Thanks! And, of course, you eat the good healthy things you pack and take your walks. You matter!!
    1750 days ago
  • DALID414
    I 'blew up' at work once, embarrassing (emotional) response. Since then I pause and stay quiet for at least 20 seconds, to allow the initial emotional response to subside before opening my big mouth emoticon Some things we learn the hard way emoticon
    1750 days ago
    1750 days ago
    Love your perspective hun emoticon
    have a good weekend emoticon
    1750 days ago
    I'm approaching the end of my professional life (I hope, I hope, if I can actually afford to retire), and these reminders are just as valuable now. Thanks!
    1750 days ago
  • CAALAN23
    LOL, I loved this! Especially, the "eat what's in the bag...", that did amuse me considering I'm always looking about no matter what I've brought. I've learned to stock my work fridge with options since I'm so fickle.

    All those Keep Calm posters with twists on the phrase really do tackle the point...Keep Calm! It helps every situation.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for the reminders! :D
    1750 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Here is to hoping professional people will treat each other like they themselves would like to be treated and work towards the goal with an open mind so as to see all possibilities and angles not just their own. Cooperation gets you a lot farther then conflict for sure. We are responsible for how we react to a situation -the most difficult lesson to learn when emotions are running high. So glad your running is helping you see the bigger picture and controlling the physical and mental responses to stress!
    Spark On!
    1750 days ago
    Compromise! Not an easy thing, but when we develop that skill, makes life go lots smoother. Like you said, the 1/2 marathon helped you put things in perspective, and that's the secret for all of us . . . finding what helps us put things in perspective.

    HUGS and here's to a great Friday and weekend.
    1750 days ago
  • LEWILL1982
    Relatively young in my professional career, that's great advice and a great reminder. Thank you for posting!
    1750 days ago
    How wise... spent three days of working nonstop, no walks, no exercises... I AM happy to get that work done, but I could have gotten it done AND became exercised as well!
    1750 days ago
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