Carb Nite - Day Eight and Nine - Doublepost, Baby!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

----DAY 8----
(sorry.... another late one. Better late then never!)

7:08am – Awake. This time I take a shower before the usual morning ritual. Forgot to mention, Yesterday I bought a new cup with a lid for my coffee, in case I gotta take it with me.

8:13am – Ate three fried eggs with some shredded parm and coffee. today is D&D night! We plan on ordering Portuguese BBQ. And I'm gonna eat some manner of spinach with that. cuz I have a love affair with spinach.

10:09am – Home from work due to a rain out. Number one and number two.

11:46am – Number two. Been drinking the whey and Metamucil I packed for work. Told my friend Mori about carb nite. Shes on board and reading the book. I'm her maid of honor for her wedding. And since she wanted to lose weight for her wedding, I figure I'd point her carb nite's way. Its raining hella hard out... damn.

The corn is my fiancee's.
2:13pm – Went to Chili's. My friend Joe works there. Got 6oz classic sirloin lighter choice and an unsweetened ice tea. Double broccoli and a quarter cup side of blue cheese dressing too. Of course asked for their nutrition info and got it. I'll post the low carb options of what I collect for accidental Googles out there. so keep an eye out.

9:46pm – Gaming today so little updates. had 1.5 serv. Lindt chocolate and 7oz pork. Also hot green tea.

11:10pm – Sorry not alotta opportunity to update. D&D does that. We didn’t get Portuguese BBQ like I thought we would. Awe well. Uuuh went two twice and one twice. Suuuper tired. Almost forgot to take my multivitamin. So I did that. Aaaaand yeah. D&D was fun as hell. As usual. When everything was calmed and everyone who didn’t live here went home, I was left with my thoughts (and anime on a TV in the background). A sudden bout of exhaustion and moodiness hit me and made me feel downright sad. I felt like I didn’t deserve to participate in my carb nite this Friday. I ate a bit of fiber to cancel out my carb intake but I skirted the edge of my limit today. At least because of the fiber, I was quite regular at last. But I spent a majority of my carb load in Chili's before 3pm. I wanted to kick myself. Its why I loaded on fiber. 16g of fiber to be clear. I have off tomorrow so imna lift some weights and study my book. Plan out my meals for a normal 6 day fat and protein week. This 9 day stretch started easy and now it feels like hell in the home stretch of my reorientation. I can do this. I can do this.


----DAY 9----

8:25am – 18lbs. I feel unwell. I have off from work again. Gonna sleep in a tiny bit. Thank god this is the last day of reorientation.

12:18pm-ish – Yeah I slept for an extra 4 hours. get at me. But I'm up and about now and feelin' gooooooooood. Go me. Didn’t really feel hungry till 15mins later soooo bathroom, coffee, 2 fried eggs in butter with swiss.

1:12pm-ish – Went to make eggs and found half a carton of broken eggs to clean up. Did that and cleaned up the kitchen while I was at it.

1:35pm – Number two. glad I had all that fiber yesterday. I was starting to worry my bathroom breaks were gunna be binary from now on. aaand first blood! Hazaa! Did I call it or what? Also boss called me into work. Late but eh money is money amirite? I guess I'll save the fried eggs for later. Made a scoop of whey and ate the three slices of swiss and I'm out the door.

2:55pm – I feel much better now that I finally have my period. Like a million bucks, in fact. usually my period is heralded by cramps of unimaginable pain. This time around, for the first time, it was preempted by miserable sadness, exhaustion, and loss of appetite. No cramps tho. I'm glad for that, believe me.

5:16pm – Finished whey I brought. Oh, also fell into a sink hole. Like a boss. That’s my job man. Never a dull moment.

7:27pm – Jesus I ate very little today by accident. Headin' back to the office to then subsequently head home. eat me some kinda food and everything. all I had since 2 was coffee, swiss, and whey. Oops.

9:00pm-ish – Three fried eggs in butter with 2 slice swiss cheese. 16oz trop-a-rocka diet Snapple. Serving of emerald cocoa almonds and CVS honey roasted almonds. Tsp omega-3 and multivitamin too. Om nom.

9:22pm – Number one and two. also mild cramps.

10:26pm - Alright, I'm off to bed. Excited for my first Carb Nite/Date NIte tomorrow!

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    Wow, I thought my day was busy. Keep up the good work
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