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No plans for Mother's Day

Thursday, May 09, 2013

It was a slightly off kilter day today. It was so foggy this morning that I just wanted to stay in bed and cuddle with the dog. Eventually we had to get up though, so I could walk that dog. Of course by then it was raining so he did not want to go very far. My friend came a day early this week, so we had to be back in time to let her in the building. Then my modem quit working. I don't know why. I ended up walking down to the phone company with it so they could reconfigure it or something. Luckily the phone company is only a couple of blocks away and it had stopped raining. Got that problem solved anyways. The rest of the day was slightly more normal, but Cooper wanted to go out earlier than usual this evening, so he ended up having two night time walks, because I want to sleep in tomorrow. I am planning on going to the gym tomorrow. I had thought about taking my run back outside, but the forecast says rain and I am a wimp. So, I will probably go run at the gym and see if I can add a couple more minutes to my run. I need to work on my ST as well, so that works out fine.

As far as I know my family isn't doing anything special for Mother's Day this year. Everyone's schedule is so busy, that nobody wants to get together. My SIL is in nursing school now, and her mother is working on her certification for massage therapy, so they are studying like crazy. One brother will be out of town for the weekend, and the other has been in a foul mood lately. A gathering would just add stress. Oh well. I am going to my parents' house to make lunch on Saturday, so O will think of something special to do for mom.

Cooper's PFD arrived at the outfitter's. Jeremy and I might go pick it up next weekend, and go kayaking while we are at it. He has a friend who is willing to let us try out their extra boats, just to see how we like them. I really like mine, so I am a little reluctant to paddle something else, but expanding my horizons is a good thing I guess. I can't wait to get Cooper out on the water with me.
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