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Thursday, May 09, 2013

My training for the 34th Annual Mayfaire 5K, the largest race in our community, is as completed as it is going to get. The race is Saturday evening at 7pm and over 1600 people are expected to participate. I couldn't do the whole training plan due to an injury, but I did a lot of it. Whether I run it in 32 minutes or 30 or 28 or better, as long as I finish with a smile on my face (and in an upright position wanting to do it again - per ONEKIDSMOM) I will consider it a success.

The weather report is a bit intimidating. We've been having nice weather. For my Monday evening run at 6pm was it was 75 degrees. But race time temperature is now predicted to be 90 degrees. I will hydrate and will wear a tank top. I'll be fine. Although I haven't done much heat running this year in the past I've tolerated it pretty well.

My nephew is running it as well; I'm not sure about my niece yet. It may be the first time my nephew doesn't achieve a PR, because this race will be hot and hilly. You may remember in January he did his first 5K in 49 minutes, February in 47 minutes, March in 45 minutes, and April he made it in 43 minutes. So I hope he's not too disappointed if he is slower. We'll see.

Monday evening despite being able to feel my injury (sore muscles under glute), I ran one mile in 9:13 and a second in 9:19 very easily. Yesterday I did a treadmill 3.5 mile workout slower than that. So I'm as ready as I'm going to be for Saturday evening. After the race there will be food, bands, and fireworks. I expect to celebrate -- no matter what happens!
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    Knowing you, I'm sure you did a great job!
    1772 days ago
    I know your competition is with yourself, but you're way beyond me - I get excited if I can get down to 10.5 minute miles. You have a lot to be proud of already! Kiss those biceps before the race starts:)
    All the best to you and your nephew!
    1775 days ago
    You'll do great! I imagine BROOKLYN_BORN might find herself chasing SLENDERLLA again. ;)
    1776 days ago
    Just running is enough for a celebration! Good luck!
    1776 days ago
    1776 days ago
    Good luck! Have fun!!
    1776 days ago
    Good luck with your race! And we'll look for a full report!
    1776 days ago
    All best for your race. I'm sure you're ready mentally and physically, and it's so wonderful that you inspire your nephew. Totally second LINDA's comments about heat stroke - I'd be wanting lots of misting, that's for sure, in 90 temps!!
    1776 days ago
    Have fun and please let us know how the race goes for you 90 will be hot
    1776 days ago
    Love your attitude! Have fun on Saturday night and what a great way to spend a weekend night. Can't wait to read out the race afterwards. All the best!
    1776 days ago
    (You *do* realize I stole that phrase from Jeff Galloway, don't you?)

    Have a GREAT outing! I can feel your grin from here!
    1776 days ago
  • GABY1948
    emoticon outlook and I am sure well-founded! You know yourself and I know you will still celebrate. You are that kind of person! Hope your muscles cooperate totally! Praying for you! emoticon
    1776 days ago
    Have a wonderful time!
    1776 days ago
    Wonderful! I'm proud of you.
    1776 days ago
    Enjoy your run and the celebration that follows.
    1776 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Wow! 90 degrees??? I simply can't imagine doing any kind of physical activity in that heat except in a swimming pool.. I hope people come well hydrated, that is a serious risk of heat stroke there -I would be very concerned for your nephew with his excess weight.. They need cooling stations, not just water stations (In our summers it used to get very hot and our exhibition, where the heat was magnified by the all cement grounds, they would set up these misting stations, where cool mist flowed down like a waterfall, very refreshing) Please do be very careful and pay attention to the early signs of heat exhaustion which can very quickly escalate to heat stroke..
    I think I did not answer your swimming question how it helps my sinuses. The one thing I must wear in the pool are specially designed ear plugs that fit my ears perfectly. I have had ear problems since day one when I lost half of my hearing because they thought I was a colicky baby when in fact I was having ear infections which destroyed my ear bones and most of my ear drums. Now it is imperative I get no water in my repaired ear drums. So I never have the problem of water filled ears. The fact of the matter is I can only use indoor pools so its like being in a moist environment like a steam bath which tends to keep things soft and clear. You may want to consider them, it also cuts out some of the external noise and distractions..
    I think you will do fine, but sure don't expect many people to get anything resembling a good time with those conditions, so don't stress it..
    1776 days ago
    Don't forget the sun screen! And have a great race!
    1776 days ago
    Best of luck on Saturday. Enjoy the celebration afterwards!
    1776 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Break out the fireworks! You will have lots to celebrate!
    1776 days ago
  • LEWILL1982
    Good luck, you can do it! Let us know how it goes, we'll be celebrating victory with you!
    1776 days ago
  • OWL_20
    Have fun! It sounds like you planned and trained for this really well--good luck on the race!
    1776 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    Im spite of my recent PR 5K, I'm going top embrace these runs a bit differently and focus on the good times. I'm not qualifying for any races, and I'm not an elite. I'm so glad I can run and be out there. I think I lost myself out there a bit, and I'm glad I'm reeling it in...slightly! (See what I tempted Barb to do!) I think it's wonderful that you are motivating family and serving as a fantastic role model for them. I'm inspired by that and I thank you for that. Run well and run safe, Marsha!
    1776 days ago
    Have fun and take it slow if your glute complains.
    1776 days ago
    I know that you'll be celebrating because you have a great attitude. I hope someday I can say that I ran low 9s "easily." You are my inspiration. Good luck to you and your nephew.
    1776 days ago
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