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Thursday, May 09, 2013

I am being impatient this week. I knew I would be with my goal of 5% so close. Not just close, but here! Sunday I was 1.2 pounds away. But Monday and Tuesday saw me beating it. Today I was back up to 0.2 pounds away. I have been obsessing with the scale each morning and I have decided that I am driving myself crazy this week. Stupid goals! I am going to stop doing that RIGHT NOW. It doesn't make next Sunday come any faster and I already know that I'm going to meet my goal eventually anyways.

What I've been struggling with this week is patience, but above and beyond being so close to my first 5% goal and ready to start on my 10% (second 5%) goal. This week saw a drastic change in my diet. 11 weeks in and the shift suddenly occurred.

I went from feeling peckish and snacky because I had cut out food, to not snacky at all. It took 11 weeks of Weight Watchers (including a lowering allotted points values per day to accompany my success) to finally be better with food. I've adjusted to appropriate portion sizes. My energy is better, although a lot of that has to do with actually getting sleep the last three days (which could also be why this change occurred).

I have went from struggling to stay in my point range to, overnight it seems, struggling to meet it. I get to the end of the day and realize that I have a lot of points left over. I think that this has to be a fluke, but it isn't.

It turns out that most of my points occurred because of snacky between mealtimes, mostly around 2 in the afternoon. I still snack at two, but I think of it as a "little meal" instead of that time of day I want to eat uncontrollably. I think this has REALLY helped. I was going to want food then, anyways, so instead of trying to stop eating then, I made it a habit to eat and do it all at once. Cheese sticks, carrots, non-fat ranch, or an occasional apple fills that time. Then I am good until dinner. It is amazing what a mind-set change can do.

But all of this progress has led to an argument in my brain that goes something like this (taken directly from my personal journal):

Part of me is saying, "This is great! You will lose weight faster!" But the other part is whispering, "Hold on. Slow down. BE PATIENT." The second voice is right, of course. But I want so badly to hit my 5% goal. I want so badly to move past it.

The first voice screams, "Just this week! Reach your goal! You can be reasonable next week." This is the voice I want to listen to. My fear, though, is next week. Next week she will say, "It's okay. Keep going. You know at some point you will stagnate and it will even out."

The second voice, the voice of reason, shakes it's metaphorical head. "If you go to fast you will fail. You are learning to be healthy, not just dropping pounds. Focus on sustainability and be patient. These things take time."

I want to listen to that voice next week.

But I will be good. I will eat more points and do it during the daytime. I will be healthy. Otherwise, what am I doing here?
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  • HEXE63
    I have weeks were I step on the scale like every five minutes it seems and I am just to impatient to wait for the successes that will eventually come. Some weeks are tougher than others girl but you know what the right way is just keep reminding yourself that not the weight is the important thing getting healthy for your little man is the goal of this journey you have been doing so well you will get back in the right mindset just give yourself some time. Be patient with yourself emoticon emoticon
    1710 days ago
    Thanks, but I usually don't weigh that often. Once a week for weight watchers. I do measure once a month, though. I am really just struggling with the scale this week because I'm so close to my goal and being impatient. =)
    1713 days ago
  • KAB7801
    I am in a challenge this month to not weigh or tape, no weigh may, it takes the stress off and keeps me focused on my health. Try it with me, can't hurt!
    1713 days ago
    Thanks guys! I usually only weigh bi-weekly. Once on Sundays which are my official weigh-in days and once on Wednesday or Thursday to make sure I'm on track or so I at least know what to expect. It is just this week because I am SO close to that goal and I want to hit it this week. Also, I do sometimes overthink things. Haha!
    1714 days ago
  • JOHGLO2011
    My first thought was "She is thinking too much!" LOL Really though, just take each day as it comes for better or worse. The main thing is to keep those healthy habits going and you will see results. :)

    Some people like to weigh every day, but I try to stay off the scales as much as possible, because it effects my moods too much. Now needing to take my jeans in AGAIN, that's progress! Best wishes to you!
    1714 days ago
    Try not to stress about the scale. I was a scale fanatic and still am unfortunately but it does keep me accountable. But the fact is the scales fluctuates daily I gain and lose the same pounds for several weeks in a row and then all of a sudden will drop 2-3 pounds and then they stay off. Yes, it is slow, but once it comes off if you are diligent with tracking and exercising and stay honest with yourself the weight will come off and stay off. If nothing else I have learned that I have to be patient and not get freaked out when the scale goes up a little because the next day it's usually gone, but like I said I still prefer to weight every day because then if it keeps going up that is my signal that I am doing something wrong and have to adjust. Good luck on your journey!! emoticon emoticon
    1714 days ago
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