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A Day of Shopping

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Good morning, friends.

I'm on vacation yesterday, today and tomorrow and my plan for yesterday was to exercise with a DVD, hike with DH and then do some yard work.

My To Do List for the week included doing some shopping as well (shorts for around the house, patio chair cushions, toiletries, meds, etc.) but the only day it was calling for a rainy day, which is the perfect day for shopping IMO was Friday and Friday, I have a hair appointment in the morning and a pedicure appointment in the afternoon.

Well, I did end up hiking with DH for an hour before he left for work but I didn't end up doing any yard work. It had clouded over and I decided to go and do my shopping then so that I could laze about today until dinner at my sister's. I took my MIL with me because she loves shopping. Heck, she just likes getting out and doing stuff. We were out for 7 HOURS!!!

I picked her up at 11:30 and we headed off to Mapleview Mall in nearby Burlington. First stop was The Bay (a Canadian department store). First, let me say that I hate The Bay! They never have anything I'm looking for and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the layout of the store and their stuff is pricey and there are never any salespeople around. But, I have a $180 gift certificate for The Bay and I was hoping to buy some new patio chair cushions with the gift certificate but no such luck. We looked at their patio sets but they didn't actually have any cushions for sale.

So, we left to traverse the mall to see if we could buy some new clothes for my MIL as she said hers were too loose or worn or old.

First stop was Cleo. Last time I went shopping with my MIL, she wore a 10/12. But she now wears a 6! The first dress she tried on was this one:


but the top was really baggy on her and gaped. And, it also was a little pricey. But then I found this one for her:


First she said she can't wear stripes but I told her to try it on anyway. Even though the website has it priced more than the other one, it was actually much cheaper in the store. And, although she tried the dress on backwards, it did look good on her so we bought it for her and one of those cropped short-sleeved cardigans in white to wear with it.

Now, we were looking for shoes for her to wear with it. But, she's having a problem with the toes on her right foot (I suspect a little wart or something like that between her baby toe and the one beside it) so the only shoes we ended up buying her were these:


I bought a pair last fall and love them so not only did we buy a pair for her but I bought a second pair for when my current ones fall apart!

We also popped into the Apple store to see if they had any suggestions for me being able to get back onto Facebook but I tried their suggestions last night and if anything, it made it worse than it was. They suggested I contact Cisco (the router company) or AppleCare by phone to get walked through some solutions.

Then we went to Sears (which is my favourite Canadian department store) and bought some blouses for her and one blouse for me. By this time, it was around 2:30 and I was getting punchy because I was hungry so I told her we were going to bypass some stores so that we could sit down for awhile and eat lunch.

We went to Turtle Jack's downstairs in the mall and their special yesterday was Burgers & Beer but the waitress said that it worked with soda as well. And, even though burgers aren't necessarily my favourite thing to eat, they had one on their menu that sounded really good -- the apple & brie burger (Brushed with apple butter and topped with brie cheese and julienned apples. Finished with Dijon mustard, baby spinach, tomatoes and red onion.) My MIL ordered sweet potato fries with hers and I ordered onion rings. And, she had a Coke and I had a Diet Coke.

When the burgers came, they were huge and I thought to myself that we would both be taking home leftovers but surprise, surprise, my MIL who normally eats like a bird, ate every single thing on her plate! I'm the one who brought home some onion rings because I couldn't finish them but these onion rings were massive. They looked more like donuts than onion rings!!! emoticon I also drank 2.5 Diet Cokes while there. They tasted so good and the refills were no extra charge.

After lunch, we checked out some other stores in the mall but found nothing of interest. So, the next stop was going to be Target. We left the mall around 4:30.

When we came out of the mall, we discovered that it was lightly raining so it did turn out to be a good day to go shopping after all.

On our way to Target, we passed a store called JYSK that we always receive flyers for at home but I didn't know where one was located so impulsively, we decided to stop in. They had patio chair cushions but they were wider than my chairs so we didn't buy any there. And, we continued on our way to Target.

I've never been to Target before but I wasn't overly impressed by it. I couldn't find a plus-sized section for me and the prices on the clothing tags was very small so it was hard to gauge how much anything was (I suppose they mean for them to be discreet but I found it just kind of annoying). My MIL though found a nice fuchsia pink sleeveless shirt dress for $30, which she bought but the one XXL red raincoat I tried on still didn't fit me so I was discouraged and longing for Wal-Mart where I know I can find clothes that fit.

Fortunately, there was one right across the road so that's where we headed next. I bought 3 pairs of shorts to wear around the house, some purple towels, cushions for the patio chairs and miscellaneous toiletries/meds and food products.

From there, I drove my MIL home and I walked into my house about 7:00 p.m. totally exhausted. I put away our purchases (the cushions are still in my truck because it was raining when I got home and I didn't want to get them wet in case I hated them in the chairs), changed into my sweats, grabbed my water bottle and collapsed in my recliner. I was exhausted. I read my book for about half an hour and then booted up my computer and did some online shopping (yep, the shopping wasn't done yet!).

I've been looking for some standing core exercise DVDs since two of the Supreme 90 set that I've been doing for a month are both core workouts and I can't do most of either of them because they're either on the floor or on a ball, both of which are difficult for me. So, from Collage Video, I ordered:

- Jazzercize: Dancin' Abs
- Billy Blanks Tae Bo Insane Abs
- Jessica Smith's 10 Pounds Down: Cardio Abs
- Cardio Stack, Core Attack
- Jillian Michaels 6-Week Six-Pack

And, on the Collage Video forum, the following workout set was suggested so I also ordered it from Beachbody:

- Shaun T's Rockin' Body Package

Apparently, there's one DVD in the set that's 70 minutes long and the first 60 minutes is all standing core work so I'm looking forward to checking it out.

By the time, I was done all this online shopping, it was around 9 and I turned on the TV for the first time since I got home and watched some comedy.

It was a long, tiring day but a lot was accomplished and we had a good time.

P.S. Some people think that spending that much time with their MIL would be awful but just for the record, I love my MIL and she loves me and we always have a good time together.
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