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Exercise Excuse Busters!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

I mentioned a week or so back that I am doing a IRL challenge with a small group of family and part of our tasks is to do a journal prompt each week busting excuses related to our weekly focus. In the first week it was about busting excuses about why we couldn't complete the challenge (i.e. starting it strong and then quitting midway), last week was busting nutrition triggers (when we make bad food choices) and this week is all about fitness and busting excuses for why we can't get a workout in. So with that preamble out of the way, here are my exercise excuses BUSTED.

Weekly Challenge: Well, I can always seem to find a reason to not exercise, so this is a good challenge for me...so let's start BUSTING those EXCUSES!!

1. Time - yep, it's the #1 reason again...3 weeks in a row! I think that speaks pretty loudly actually. Time is a big factor - or actually CAN BE a big factor in a healthy lifestyle. The trick is to make taking care of yourself a priority. So...

BUSTED: Schedule it and don't let myself break the commitment. I also can bust this by realizing that it doesn't need to be all or nothing. If I have something going on and doing a full workout won't happen, I can usually fit in 10 minutes minimum.

2. Snuggly Bed - yeah, that's definitely an excuse right there! Sometimes it is just so. darn. hard to get out of that bed because it just feels so nice and sleep is precious.

BUSTED: First, recognize that the snuggly bed doesn't feel better than having enough time to get ready in the morning does. I can't stand being pressed for time and rushing to get out the door, and if I sleep-in I inevitably end up rushing around. I have already had 8 hours (usually) of snuggly bed...that's enough.

3. Don't Wanna - I know we all grapple with the don't wannas...I do it all the time too.

BUSTED: make a "don't wanna" not even an option. This is important. Too important to skip. It's like eating breakfast...it's the best way to start a day! Once I remind myself how much better I'll feel after a little exercise, the don't wannas usually disappear pretty quickly. I can also bust this by telling myself 10 minutes - if you just get going for 10 and still don't wanna, then you can stop. Almost always once I've done the 10, I'm perfectly fine to keep going.

4. Body Limitations - this is a tough one for me right now, because it's a ready, and somewhat valid, excuse at times. Last Friday I did a LOT of running around at work and my knee paid for it the rest of that day. So when Saturday rolled around, working out wasn't even a blip on the radar screen.

BUSTED: If my knee was hurting too much to go walking I could have done stretching, yoga or my at-home physical therapy exercises. I could have done something that wouldn't put as much pressure on the knee like core work or upper body. I could have done some shadow boxing using upper body only. Now that I'm actually thinking about everything I *COULD* have done I feel really silly.

5. Tired/Stressed - This is different than the snuggly bed and don't wanna because it really is about just being physically or mentally exhausted because I didn't get enough sleep or am stressed about life stuff. Sometimes working out is just one more thing that has to get done, and honestly, there have definitely been some times that I just can't make myself do one more thing outside of what is critical.

BUSTED: The reality is that working out is a great reliever for both of those excuses. For one, a good sweat session first thing in the morning will do more to wake you up then a shot of caffeine. Feeling stressed? There's nothing like being out in the quiet morning to allow your brain to figure out some solutions to any problems. And endorphins? Well they are like a wonder drug to a stressed out brain! So even though it may take away precious time, it really gives so much more back in the end. So I need to use the same busted as I do for #3 and #1 - 10 minutes. You can do 10 minutes and if you're still not feeling it you can call it a day then.

I swear that I feel really ridiculous that I have ever even used any of those excuses!! When you think about how much of a benefit that a regular workout session is, there really is NO EXCUSE.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    BUSTED! I agree completely about the benefits outweighing the excuses. We just have to remember that at the right times.
    1747 days ago
    I think I have all the same excuses (pretty universal ones) but I like how you came up with your busts I wouldn't think of some of those and like you said when you read them back I feel 'silly' for having the excuse in the first place because the solutions are so right
    1747 days ago
    This is a really great list. I wish I had read it last night when I let the TV and sleep win out over exercise. But today's a new day!
    1747 days ago
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