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My America's Funniest Home Videos Gym Moment (Not so Funny!)

Thursday, May 09, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I love me some America’s Funniest Home Videos. Kids face planting, people getting hit in the face with exercise balls, cute dogs doing cute things. I am ALL OVER IT.

Well I almost got caught in one of those AFV moments myself yesterday at the gym…

I got on the treadmill and I was trying to channel that positive energy so I was like “I am going to jog today!” and tried to fiddle around with the levels to get in a good place. I’m really focusing, going for the gold, and all of the sudden my treadmill goes dead. I grab the handles and hold on for dear life because you know that physics principal about objects in motion… they keep going. I look around me (our building has been known for having power outages so I was checking to see if it happened and could maybe go home for the day lol) and everyone else is still trucking along. Ummm… okay.

I hear a giggle, and this girl is crouched behind my treadmill all “OMG, I’m sorry! I accidentally unplugged your machine!”

See, the treadmill next to me is a bit finicky. Sometimes the screen goes all wacky and everyone kind of avoids it for a day. Apparently this girl thought she could unplug it and replug it back in to fix it – and got my cord instead.


I was REALLY working on the “being positive” thing yesterday so I shrugged it off and went back to trying my best at a wog session, but my goodness! Some people some days! I mean – I really could have broken my face or something!!!!!!!!!!!

I was beyond good yesterday on food & exercise. I’m hoping to do the same today. Still waiting on a call back from my doc’s office so no updates there. Just trying to keep going and stay alive/in one piece.
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