Thursday, May 09, 2013

Blog assignment from SparkCoach...Think about the last "mistake" you made that left you feeling upset or off track. Now re-frame that event as a learning opportunity. What did it teach you? How can you be better going forward? Share your insights in a blog post.

The mistakes I made today, ate a chocolate bars, 2 chocolate chip cookies and very cheesy mac & cheese. I also didn't get in enough water and didn't get a consistent exercise routine done.

Why did I eat this...The chocolate bars and cookies I ate because it was here, in the house and so tempting. I let my craving take over.

What did I learn...I really did not NEED these and I need to NOT react to cravings. One chocolate piece isn't enough for me, one just won't do it. Chocolate is always going to be around my house (kids & hubby), so I need to figure out a way to not give in to the temptation because I lose control once I start. When I do this, I start with thinking "just one won't hurt" but then I notice I've picked and eaten the whole thing...mindless eating.
~~ah ha...I need to be mindful.

Why did I eat this...The mac & cheese tonight, well that was because it was easy to pop in the microwave. I waited to long to eat dinner, was starving, and reached for the easiest, tastiest thing.

What did I learn...this one is easy...plan better and don't wait too long to the point that I'm attacking whatever I can get my hands on.

Why didn't I do my fitness today...I spent to much time with work stuff...put in a 10 hour day. Lost track of time working on a project.

What did I learn...another ah ha...the 10 hour work day (project) was my entire focus today. I didn't eat well and I didn't exercise because this project was my top priority today. It also drained all my energy. I just need to take time to step away and not feel guilty about it. I know I'll feel better all the way around if I just take a healthy break.

WOW a moment of clarity now realizing the underlying cause of my not-so-healthy day. I do feel better now and will have a better enlightened day tomorrow.

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  • MELAMA210
    Awesome blog. The first step if often changing and moving on is learning from what we do wrong and by the choices we make. Good for you for taking the first step in realizing it!
    1779 days ago
    Very good!!! You can do this!!!!
    1779 days ago
    my exercise has been good, but my food has been way off. Why...hmmmm, just this week at school 2 retirement parties, end of year party, teacher appreciation party, summer birthdays party, field trip party...too much bombardment with treats given by people who's feelings are hurt deeply if you say no to everything. Solution...quit working...don't I wish.
    1779 days ago
    Enjoyed reading your blog - you did a good job at figuring out the why behind what you did.

    Here is my comment re these 3 things - remember there are suggestions on how I would or have handled the same things:

    Chocolate bars:
    I am addicted to chocolate - or should say I was. January 1 2012 I gave up all chocolate - have been free from it for 16 months. We don't bring any chocolate bars into the house even though hubby and daugther would love it. But if the 'sugar' is not good for me, it is not good for them so as a family we have given up chocolate bars

    Mac & cheese
    Favorite comfort of mine. Don't cook it as often as I used to but we still have it once in awhile. When I do have it the change I have made is this: rather than having just the mac and cheese I fill up 3/4 of the plate with salad and veggs and then 1/4 of the plate with mac and cheese = eating it but a lot less so it turns out not to be as bad as it was before

    Boy this is a hard one for me - even making 10 minutes seems difficult. But I am working now on walking 2 miles each day for 7 days = should I miss 1 day I start over until I can get 7 days in a row = I know how good it will be to accompish this so am going to persist until I do.

    Hang in there - things are going to get better
    1779 days ago
  • LWADE1963
    very good blog. the chocolate problem is def a carbon copy of me. i started on chips ahoy cookies yesterday. once i started, i could not stop. probably ate 10 of them. ;

    its good looking at your solutions.

    thank you for an inspiring blog
    1779 days ago
  • RFJSJ50
    You have definitely learned a lot about yourself by analyzing your "mistakes."
    We're a lot alike - just one Reese's Minature? Nope, the whole bag! Just one portioned serving of chips? Nope, the whole bag mindlessly munched away while watching TV! Tired? Throw anything into the microwave, whether it's healthy or not! This blog has really helped me think about my "mistakes" also!
    Thanks for sharing.
    1779 days ago
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