Okay so today I was screaming at the English director and ready to spit nails and I let him know he

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I told you yesterday what happened with the teacher, my son didn't want my help he wanted to do this on his own and asked me to respect his wishes. He went to see the VP this morning and she called while he was in the room and said what was going to happen and asked if that was okay , she was going to talk to the teacher blah blah blah and would be calling me.
She said you son is very mature for his age came in here very respectful and explained what happened and told how we had to have him go to Sylvan for English when he was in 5th grade and how he felt comfortable in level 2 and how the teacher was badgering him about going into level one and saying he was scared and asked him if he had a mental deficiency.
Well I knew yesterday when she was talking to my son on the phone and asked do you think she was kidding? that we weren't going to get anywhere, I also told him don't count on that girl to stick up for you as she was bullying him about his Lyme before and she got into trouble.
Well the director calls me up and says you know this teacher is kind of snyde, dry sense of humor and a little sarcastic and the teacher doesn't remember saying that, I said of course she doesn't I didn't expect her to say she talked that way to a student. I said I'm really sick of this school system, the kids aren't ever believed and you always take the teachers side.
He said however I do believe your son, (my son said he was in a small room the guy sat close and looked him in the eyes and said you have any doubts about her saying this? trying to intimidate him, my son looked him dead in the eyes and said no I don't have any doubts what she said to me I know what I heard.
I went off on this guy cause anyone that has read my blogs knows the trouble with bullying we've had and they blame the victim all the time, how my son came home bloodied and we had to go to the police to get justice for my son cause the school wasn't doing anything. How last year a teacher was erasing marks on my son , but I was smart enough to print out daily his grades and caught him and when I said this guy needs to apologize to my son for calling him a liar in front of his class they told me they couldn't ask a teacher to do that.
Today as I was yes yelling because I couldn't believe what I was hearing he asked what I wanted, I said this teacher at the very least needs to apologize to my son.
He said well I'll talk to the teacher and make sure this never happens again she was just trying to encourage him, I said since when is asking a student if he has a mental deficiency encouraging him? I said that's breaking him down, I said she politically correctly was calling my son and I hate to say this word retarded.
He said well I have her apologize, now last year they said they couldn't have a teacher do that but this year they can???????????????????????????
? She must of admitted to this guy what she said and he didn't want to admit to me that one of his teachers actually said that.
Because I said look I was going to come to school today, but I respected my sons wishes, but I won't have a teacher bully my son by asking him a question like that and then telling him he's scared to go into another level, I said SHE DOESN'T WANT ME GOING TO THAT SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO, my son was told by the teacher that she needed to speak with him after class, because the director had said to my son what do you want to happen? and he said I just don't want her talking to me like that, I don't deserve to be talked to like that and guy said fine do you want an apology? my son said if she wants to fine if not then and left it like that.
Well I told director she needs to apologize, so she spoke with him after class and apologized to him for what was said, which proves to me SHE DID SAY WHAT MY SON SAID SHE DID, CAUSE NO ONE IS GOING TO APOLOGIZE FOR ANYTHING THEY DIDN'T SAY NO ONE.
The director said if your son has any problems tell him to come see me , I said look we've heard it before, he said well you don't know me I'll help him again I said we've heard this before. I said last year a teacher was erasing grades I had the proof right there!!!!!!! I said I got him out of that class and was promised the world he was going to go in a class room with just a few kids and was going to be taught everything he needed to for MCAS, I said they lied and sat my son in front of a computer and he was self teaching.
He says to me well I'm sorry about those people who lied to you, I said would you like to know who the two people were that lied?????????????? He said who? I said THE PRINCIPAL AND THE VICE PRINCIPAL SO EXCUSE ME IF I DON'T TRUST THIS ADMINISTRATION ANYMORE, HE DIDN'T SAY A WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was livid, my son came home and said wow mom the teacher asked to speak with me after class and shocked me with an apology, he said I never thought she'd do that. I said believe me she didn't do it out of the kindness of her heart.
My son said she was called out of the class for a few minutes and I'm sure that director told her to call , but again she wouldn't of apologized if she didn't say what she did.
I'm so sick of this school system, these should be the best years of my sons life and they are just hell for him and us cause I have to constantly fight for him.
I even said to him you know I've met this teacher, she's got the nerve to ask my son if he's got a mental deficiency and in the short time we met with her she sounded like a FLAKE!!!!!!!!!! I said and she's questioning my son??????????????????
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    I am so sorry for both of you. Maybe it will get better! emoticon
    1720 days ago
    Good for your son and you too. I still can't imagine this school allowing bullying by anyone with all the media about it. Man it needs to be brought to the highest up in the system especially if it repeats itself!
    Good for you guys.
    1720 days ago
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