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Health Fairs Aren't Really That Much Fun!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Follow-up Post - 5/8/2013:

Got a little side-tracked by my Mom being in the hospital more on than off since March 1st! Combine that with not one but two lower back episodes and I not only got off track but couldn't even hear the train whistle!

Got a little wake-up call yesterday at the local health fair. My blood sugar was 54! Yikes! The nurse made me eat some peanut butter crackers so I wouldn't pass out from low blood sugar. Now this can be caused by lots of things and I happen to have an appointment with my GP next week, but since I have folks with diabetes on both sides of my family, it's probably Pre-Diabetes. Don't you just love the self-diagnosis? But, the good news is, I had to weigh myself and I had lost 5 lbs (again) and 1 and a half inches off my waist so I'll take that!

Bottom line... haha... fat bottom line is I can no longer kid myself that this isn't a serious situation. No more "I'll start my diet/exercise tomorrow," thinking. No more "It's a special occasion so it's ok if I have a treat just this once," rationalizing. And most importantly no more "I'm just too tired or too sore or too sleepy or (insert "too" here) to exercise," If I don't do it NOW it won't get done.

I was lucky (?) enough to get a "Re-Do" so all the advice I've been so self-righteously giving my diabetic relatives and friends, I'll be trying out on my self from now on. I've never felt like more of a hypocrite than I do today.

So back on track and loving life! Ain't it great when God gives you a little hint when you're heading in the wrong direction?

For the record, I won't weigh again until the Summer's Solstice which is only a couple of weeks away now on June 21st (well I guess the nurse will next week, but I'll ask her not to tell me) and after that I'll just weigh/measure once a week to keep on track. I do think the break from weighing myself helped with my obsession to weigh everyday which in itself isn't a bad thing but the melt-downs afterwards I definitely do NOT miss.

BTW Mom's doing much better and will hopefully be going home today!
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