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Weigh In at the doc appointment tomorrow....nervous!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

So I get different answers each time I ask about my weigh ins...

For the surgery my insurance company said I don't need to lose, but can't gain anything. I asked if it was just for nutrition appt weigh ins or if the pre-op appointment counts too, also ask if 1 or 2 pounds matters (most of my appointments are after lunch..ugh!) and one person says it does matter, another said a couple pounds won't matter, one says nutrition appts are what they check, other said all weigh ins are counted...so I figured, better safe than sorry. However, your body can be a couple of pounds up or down any given day so I want to try to be down a couple just in case and I'm NOT! I'm the same weight as my last weigh in (according to my scale anyway) and I'm glad it's not up, but I'm playing the "what if" game in my head like crazy!

So, appt is tomorrow afternoon, so this morning I decided to be on a liquid only diet all day and that'll pull me down a pound or two and at least keep it from going up, right? Well, I'm STRUGGLING BIG TIME!!! I'm hungry and cranky and am so paranoid, it's driving me crazy! I needed something of substance and I remembered we bought a package of flax tempeh to try. So I fried that up in a teeny tiny bit of olive oil and some seasonings. It wasn't bad and at least took some of the hunger pains away. So, just need to get through the next 22 hours...not to mention the liquid diet pre-op...I have no idea yet how long I'll have to do that (the doc will probably tell me tomorrow) and I'm dreading that! I'm struggling just after about 7 hours of this, I can't imagine a week or two! :(

This is so so hard, I just hope I can remember that it's all going to be worth it....
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    Thanks for your words of encouragement! It was a rough day yesterday, but well worth it when I found the scale had gone down this morning. I believe I was retaining water yesterday morning because it actually went up about 2 pounds yesterday morning, so now I'm down 5, but I think it's really only 3 since I shouldn't have been up 2 technically...does that make sense? lol

    I know this isn't a healthy way of doing things, and I am trying to eat really healthy, avoiding processed foods, avoiding white flour things, avoiding fast food, etc. So I know only because the insurance company has a stick up their butt and won't listen to reason is why I have to "play games." Luckily, I'm doing good today, scale-wise, and I don't have to stress today until my appointment, although I'll still eat minimally, or things like salad, fruit, nothing heavy and I'll still wear light clothes..just in case! lol
    1681 days ago
    You don't need a lecture as CORTNEYLEE said. I cannot eat only a little. So it works better for me to eat nothing at all for 24 hours.
    Stay away from salt ad seasonings. Water weight is so unfair in this situation. You have not 'gained' you are just retaining but it could sink everything.
    And try to take more of a longer look at this. Losing a bit of weight will make more space in your gut so they won't have to put as much gas into you. You will feel better afterwards. It is easier to schlep a lighter body around while your op wounds are healing. Even losing only a couple of pounds will decrease your risk. So start immediately after this appointment in preparation mode for the next one.
    And lean forward on your toes, don't stand on your heels. That is my scale cheating tip.
    One of these days those little ghrelin glands that makes us eat, will be nuked, and it will be a lot easier.
    Hang in there!

    1682 days ago
    yes, it is really hard I agree 100% but, keep your eye on the prize! Keep focused!

    See here is the thing... most of us are getting this surgery because we can't lose weight like a normal person. Some of us keep packing it on no matter what we do! If this were a regular situation I would give some type of lecture, but it isn't a "normal" situation so...

    My saving grace has always been hot tea. Also the day of your appointment don't eat or drink anything until after it. Wear light clothes. I wore boxer shorts and a tank top in the middle of January to my Doc appts!
    1682 days ago
    1682 days ago
    Time for the Serenity Prayer and to remember the things you cannot change. Like it or not, some things are really out of our personal control--don't make yourself crazy!

    1682 days ago
    Hang in there and try to put your mind on other things. Visualize your healing, how good you will feel etc. When I am hungry I do exercises and 10 min with a sweat could just take away the need to munch. All of the best.
    1682 days ago
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