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Why do we have to work at being positive? I never knew this....

Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Apparently our brains are hard-wired to recognize-and hold on to--- negatives (dangers) first.

Who knew!

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    along the lines of positive reinforcement training method offering 5 positive statements for every single negative statement.
    1620 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I did. Read it years ago in the work of Albert Ellis.
    1621 days ago
    Who knew? But it makes perfect sense when you think of it in that way! So we have to work harder to get our brains to accept the positive and take the focus off the negative. Well, we have to be willing to work hard at eating healthy and exercising anyway, it stands to reason if we were positive already we wouldn't be in the shape we are in or not in shape as it were, so anything worth having is worth working for! Thanks for sharing! It made so much sense I signed up for the newsletter. emoticon
    IKacey co-leader of the Chair Exercise Team
    1621 days ago
    I'm not sure I agree with this. Just yesterday I was talking with someone about the importance of perception and prejudice of positivity/negativity. If someone says "I threw it in the trash," it is a factual statement. Say it with an upbeat tone and you have a hoarder who is changing their habits for the better = positivity. Say it with a depressed tone and you have someone who accidentally threw away a lottery ticket or prized heirloom = negativity.

    Now imagine someone who has been inexplicably ill for months says "I got a diagnosis." To someone who can't handle the illness they see it as a negative because "I can't handle her complaining, making excuses, and taking attention from me any longer!" To someone who is supportive they see it as a positive because "Now we have a chance of a cure/treatment/learning to live with this." To the person going through the illness, it is positive AND negative because they have an answer but more questions and it is all a process.

    Essentially, we all have positives and negatives in our lives. Many people choose to focus on the positive and many people choose to focus on the negative. But every person has a CHOICE in every event and every moment. When things are going good we can have a temporary positive outlook and when things crash in on us we can have a temporary negative outlook. If a wife tells her husband she's divorcing him more than likely he will see the negatives; but, over time he can accept it and move on, finding happiness and positives.

    From a quick reading of the link, the author seems to be talking about the autonomic nervous system, which is basically our 'animal brain'. This is things we do without serious thought and decision. It is our 'fight or flight'. It has no goodness measure or rating whatsoever - it is taking action without hesitation. If that were to make us all negative, then animals would be negative and hateful and suicidal. Plants wouldn't reach for the sun - they'd never break out of their shell. Babies would never eat, cry non-stop, and smiling would never exist. Positivity and negativity is always a CHOICE.
    1621 days ago
    Interesting! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!
    1622 days ago
    Wow, that explains a lot too emoticon
    1622 days ago
    That may be why we have to work so hard to constantly bombard ourselves with affirmations, positive messages, inspirational poetry, etc. I know it can be HARD WORK but unless I am ever vigilant, I do focus on the negatives.
    1622 days ago
    love oxymorons
    1622 days ago
    It happens from the dining room table...see how negative based we are? You put food on the table, it disappears..basic subtraction....:)
    1622 days ago
    Fight or flight....
    1622 days ago
  • TXTOAD9970
    Very Interesting! Thanks for sharing!
    1622 days ago
    if you are familiar with the enneagram, this will resonate. If you aren't knowledgeable about this personality typing theory, I highly recommend it. It really helps me understand myself and others.
    1622 days ago
    boy, do I know this....I really have to work at overcoming the negativity in my brain....some days I just fake it till I end up feeling more positive.....but in the end, I know that I am a survivor and I will win......not those negative thoughts and epithets hurled at me occasionally from my brain...some days, almost nonstop.....so I really, really have to work at it.....good thing I have all of you at SP to bolster me up when I am down.. emoticon
    1622 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Think Positive. Do things that are Positive and help others. God Blessings to Everyone. Have a Delightful Day. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1622 days ago
    Explains A Lot!!

    1622 days ago

    1622 days ago
    Accentuate the positive. emoticon
    1622 days ago
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