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Do you See the SON!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

9:47 AM 5/8/2013
Hi all
I hope and pray you all are having a awesome day .. The sun is finally shinning here .. I love the sun .. it makes us feel so Happy .. just like Jesus ..
I am sure it is not by accident They have the name Son .. Sun .. and both are a key to our Happiness .. God is so good how he works .. When I feel hopeless
all I have to do is look at the son Jesus and he changes me .. He is my Hope .. HE is The key to Happiness .. We are a Spirit living in a Human body and
one day we will go to our real Home .. God reminds me daily this is not my home . I do not want to set up anything here .. I am here in Sparks for the same
reason so many are .. to Find the key to loosing this weight .. I have Found it .. his name is Jesus .. he is setting me free . from my past .. I am not
looking back .. there is nothing in my past to look forward to .. only the Future .. I do Tell you sometimes about me I feel it is to help set someone
else free .. The government is looking for the answers as to why these things are happening .. shootings so on . I can tell them but they wont listen ..
When you take God out .. You have nothing left .. They have tried to take him out for everything all of the life of the world .. satan is behind it all
we know this .. satan wants to take all he can with him to hell .. This is a war .. The thing is we know the End we have read Revelations ..
GOD WON .. one day soon it will all be over and I for one soooo look forward to that day .. not that many will go to hell but that we will live a life
with all this gone out of it .. Where we can live and not have to see all the evil .. It hurts me so I don't look at it .. I know it is happening .. but
I am keeping my eyes on Jesus and looking forward to his coming .. For the peace we will have .. No more tears .. no more pain .. Just eternally with God
and Jesus and the Holy Spirit .. Look up .. It wont be long .. I try to imagine Heaven .. Streets of Gold .. wow huh .. I cant imagine how the Worship will
be .. Well anyway today is a pretty day gonna try to get outside .. I hope you all have a awesome day .. be a Blessing to someone today .. your sis Betty
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