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Getting ready for my doctor's appointment.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The last time I went to this doctor was to complain about my periods becoming irregular for me. Sorry if this is tmi for you, but I'd like to get this out for some people.

I have been regular since the first one. You could set your calendar to my time of month. Even after having kids, it came back and was just as regular. Then I hit 35.

They're getting closer together (who knew as you aged, you'd get more!) and occasionally it seems done, then hits me with one more day. How annoying.

I blame peri-menopause, but my doctor just doesn't think so because "it's still within the normal range for women your age". Well, it's not normal for me! "It could be because of your weight." Hmm, I've lost 50 pounds and it's still happening.

I'm giving this doctor one more chance before I decide to go to someone else.

I made up the list of issues that I have this time, some of them because I'm more active. I looked on the website for my chart and noticed they seem to have neglected to post my last pregnancy is done and that I had a c-section, that was in 2006. Makes me wonder what else is wrong with my chart.

I am having leg issues from trying to run last summer, hopefully he'll figure out that issue. I've noticed a lump where a rib is that is unusual, didn't notice that when I was fat. My right shoulder just doesn't want to reach behind my back anymore without a twinge of pain. We also have to check my vitamin D levels again to see where they lie. Perhaps more issues will pop up by Friday?

I doubt he'll even mention the weight loss, but I'll be prepared with printouts from here mentioning the website, what I've done and the things he said wrong to me about losing weight. You can't just "cut carbs" and lose weight. If I could never eat fruit or whole grains I'd probably give up. Better advice would be to cut out the processed foods and sugary treats. He probably thought it was good advice and he probably doesn't know where carbs lie and how they help us process our day. I guess that's what happens when you get advice for weight loss from an obgyn.

You can find printouts here to spread the spark:
This place is also found by going to your sparkpoints and clicking on the "tell a friend" link at the bottom of the list, there are printouts for your doctor, business cards you can print out and even flyers!

The last thing I will be doing for the first time in ages is skipping breakfast. In order to do any bloodwork on Friday, I'll have to do a fasting one. To double my pain, I have to get up early to have the car by dropping the husband off at work. That always makes me hungry. To triple my pain, my appointment is not until 10:45. When I get up early, I have usually had two "meals" by that time. I will be HUNGRY! To my purse I will add a banana and a granola bar to make sure I can go home without passing out from lack of food and lack of blood (last time they took 6 vials worth!). It will be lunchtime by the time I get out of there for the day!

No wonder people don't want to go to the doctor when it takes this much time and hassle to get there, but it's worth it to make sure your body is not doing funny things. I'm just glad we have medical insurance so I won't get billed for the whole appointment, the insurance will cover most of it. I'll probably have to cover part of the tests and I already have to go in with $30 from the last appointment I had a couple of months ago for my eardrum busting out from an infection that the antibiotics did nothing for. I can hear again, it was weird to not be able to hear when I normally have sonic hearing.

Once I have my printouts, I'll be prepared. I'm just not looking forward to skipping both breakfasts (yes, I'm a Hobbit).

Today's Holidays: World Red Cross Day and National Coconut Cream Pie Day. You may want a piece of pie when you go to donate blood, I may have to do that one day as I'm an O+, what's your type?
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    Ask to have the FSH test (Follical stimulating hormone). This should show if you are in peri-menopause.....

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1713 days ago
  • SBFT84
    Great idea taking a snack to eat post lab draw. See if your lab will give you an early morning appt. my lab will let patients come in as early as 6am with an appt.. Without one, the start time is 8. Six tubes equals about 60cc max. Donating blood is 350cc. I am 0+ for blood donations. Hope you feel better, soon.
    1713 days ago
    Hope you're able to get your answers and help that you need! If not, it does sound like trying to find another dr may be best for you.Keep us updated on how things go!
    1714 days ago
  • TANYA602
    I hope that your experience this time around isn't so bad. I'm not a fan of going to the dr either, but it's gotten better in the past two years. Getting older is just a hoot, isn't it?! Be sure to share the results with us -we're rooting for you!

    1714 days ago
    Some doctors are prejudice about overweight people. If you don't like the answers your doctor gives you go somewhere else. Take your numbers and have a second opinion. you have done well!

    1714 days ago
    I hope you get some answers to some of your questions, if not you may want to consider seeing your GP for some of your issues ie your shoulder. It seems doctors are not what they used to be. They just don't take the time to LISTEN to what their patients are saying. They are in a big hurry to just get through the appointment so they can move on to the next person and treat them equally as rude. These are issues, however, that need to be taken seriously and looked into. If you don't get answers or at least steered in the right direction you should probably consider seeking out another ob/gyn. I will be thinking of you and praying that you get some answers. emoticon
    1714 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    Been in peri-menopause for roughly 14 years - every time I think I'm almost done and hopefully heading to a new chapter - nope... not quite yet!
    If everything you've shared was going on with me and my OB/GYN had those responses and that attitude, I'd would not hesitate to seek out a new OB/GYN.

    My Internist of 35 years "checked out" on me and started to be one of those "throwing meds @ the problem" doctors and I found a different Internist right away. I sent a letter thanking him for his years of service and to please send the last couple years of test results to my new doctor. Don't know if he did, don't even care. It's in the same hospital system and the office staff can hash it out.

    Regarding bloodwork - I always schedule it for a week prior to my appointment so I can get there first thing and have it drawn.

    You are far stronger than me to be able to wait like that - I know I would have no patience and be rip roaring mad as well as feeling sick from waiting. Too many years of thyroid level blood draws and glucose tolerance tests have completely changed my attitude on that.
    1714 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/8/2013 12:42:18 PM
    My husband and I are both A+. Nice to think that our personalities match an A+.
    I always schedule my annual physical for around my birthday. It isn't always pleasant, but it is my gift to myself. Staying healthy.
    Congratulations on that great weight loss. That is a terrific accomplishment! If the doctor does not notice, ask him if he needs new glasses. Then maybe start looking for a different doctor that really sees you as a real person and not a printed chart.

    1714 days ago
    I'm B+ (or "Be positive" as I recently read on facebook. Who'd've thunk that blood type could translate into other things? Hahahaha. Ok, nevermind. I'm not sure why I still find ''Be positive'' so very entertaining.)
    Good luck with your doctor's appointment :) I hope they figure everything out for you.
    1714 days ago
    emoticon You are being VERY Generous to give the Doc another Chance! I am interested to hear his response to your charts when he sees them. You Cannot Argue with the results that you have gotten.

    emoticon I'm A+
    1714 days ago
  • CC3833
    I think that is a great idea to print out your reports! I never even thought of that! Its nice that you are giving that dr another try but you need to do what is best for you. Hope all goes well!!
    1714 days ago
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