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AMRAP is much better than For Time

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Well, CrossFit class #3 was semi-successful last night. I actually made it all the way through all the segments of class. For the first two classes, I did the warm up, the WOD (workout of the day - this is the main part of class), and whatever we were doing to work on strength. But last night I also did the conditioning at the last part of class and at no point was I close to tears so in my book, that = SUCCESS!

On Sunday my husband and I were going to go together but last Friday's class really took a toll on me both physically and emotionally. Basically, the WOD on Friday totally kicked me in the a$$, literally and figuratively. Combination of 80 wall balls and then 40 chin up burpees "for time", maximum of 12 minutes. For a true wall ball, you have a weighted medicine ball, you do a FULL squat (butt lower than you knees), then you are supposed to explode upward, and throw the medicine ball ABOVE this painted line on the gym wall that is located a few feet overhead. 80 $^%(@ TIMES!! Um, sure. Cut to Anne - using a 12 lb. ball (VERY light compared to what is the prescribed weight), and I'm uncoordinated as all get out when throwing and catching are involved. The buzzer goes off and I can barely do a squat considering the extra 12 pounds I'm carrying. Meanwhile, people are going nutso fast all around me. Then I toss the ball up and come NOWHERE NEAR the painted line, much less OVER it. So I just decide that if I even hit the painted area, that is good enough for me. But I'm still struggling and since I can't do the squat into the throw, I'm losing power and my throws are pretty much all shoulders. The trainer sees I'm struggling and comes over, tapped my shoulder, and says I should do half squats because he wants me to be able to walk. (very nice about it). So in the end, I totally struggled through 80 of these babies, my squat equaling a slight bend in my knees (not exaggerating) and then a clumsy toss of this medicine ball I've come to hate.

OMG I get through THAT and I still have 40 chin up burpees to do??? Let's just get it clear that I knew I wouldn't even get to 40, but I knew I'd be moving the entire 12 minutes, unlike others who finished the whole 80/40 with time left ("for time" meaning if you do the workout and if you finish within the time limit, you get to rest). Oh, and my chin ups were modified to jumping up off a stack of weight plates in front of a pull up bar just so that my chin could clear "chin up" involved. So you do a burpee, then a chin up (or my modified version). Knowing that I'd never get to 40, and I am DYING at this point as in can't breathe, sweaty as all get out, RED face...I don't even count. And my burpee isn't jump down, jump up. I can jump out flat, then I kind of pull myself to kneeling and put up one leg then the other. So, with about 2 minutes left, I have all the super duper ultra fit people who have already finished their un-modified workout standing around me, cheering me on, which is supposed to be motivating but at this point I just want to crawl in a hole and be left alone, and my pants were falling down over my very NOT ripped stomach so I have to stop and hitch them up and yeah, well, it was awful. I know it is all my attitude and people are truly cheering me on to do my best and I know I am just a beginner. But I want to be left alone to get better, not be the center of attention.

So the buzzer for 12 minutes goes off, I have to sit down to even breathe/talk, and the trainer asks how many I did so my total can go on the board (the whiteboard for scores is a big deal) and I tell him I have no clue. He kind of chuckled and reminded me I'm supposed to be keeping track. Yeah right! LOLOL

Then we did some sort of lifting for strength - oh thrusters which I didn't really know how to do and I was totally floundering. It was just a rough night all around.

Skip to Sunday and I just broke down in tears when Brian was asking me about going to the gym with him that day. Instead, I took a mental day off and went grocery shopping with our youngest son, while he took our older one with him to the gym.

Yesterday's workout was AMRAP or As Many Reps As Possible instead of "for time". With AMRAP, EVERYONE keeps going until the buzzer which I was SO HAPPY about. Then I don't end up as the center of attention at the end when I am dying. I realize CrossFit people in general are intense and competitive, but when I am that wiped out at the end, seriously, I'd rather breathe for a few seconds than get "one more" in. I just don't care...that just isn't in me. Anyway, the trainer gave me a few playing cards to flip over after each round to help me keep track HAHAHAHA. It worked though, so at least I kept track yesterday, and I had an actual score for the whiteboard. emoticon AND I finished not only the strength exercises but I also did the conditioning. emoticon emoticon

Also, Monday evening and yesterday were pretty much a free for all as far as my eating was going. But today I'm back on track, drinking my lemon lime water and planning for healthy snacks and meals.
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    Oh, HELLO!!! You are totally kicking my you-know-what by GOING TO CROSSFIT!! And yes, I mean just by walking in the door. I am SO PROUD of you, mental breakdown and all ;) We are allowed to get overwhelmed when we are doing something completely OUT of our comfort zone!! The point is that you didn't let it stop you. As much as you "hate" it, now, you are still going and that's the point. Don't let IT stop you - you are kicking butt!!
    1595 days ago
    wow! That sounds like such a brutal workout! I think that is what scares me about Crossfit...even though the guys at work have been encouraging me to try it. I am so competitive that I think I would have been in tears. Three cheers for you going back. Stick with it!
    1599 days ago
    12 lb ball is pretty awesome for a beginner! I was stuck on 8 lbs for 6 months and am just now up to 14 and don't plan on going any higher any time soon. Oh and I'll bet you I hold the record for how many times that ball has smacked me in the face, LOL!

    Hey, maybe your hubby could politely hint to those well-meaning folks to not give you so much attention while you finish your workout? I think that would be totally understandable.

    I will be honest and tell you that it took me 8 weeks before I started to really like CrossFit. I initially only went because my hubby and boys wanted to try it and they highly encouraged me to do it and I didn't want to come across as a wimp. lol. But I did not enjoy it initially. In fact I hated it, lol. But something mentally just clicked for me after 8 weeks and it quickly became a passion and an addiction! I feel like a total bad@ss! LOL! And now I go more than my teen boys and my husband, lol! And after a year I usually am the slowest... unless there is a lot of running involved in which case I am one of the fastest. Everybody at my box complains about the running, but that is my favorite! Keep at it, girl! I know it helps that your hubby is there doing it with you. It took me awhile before I was comfortable going by myself, but I have made some great friends there and now it doesn't bother me. :)
    1600 days ago
    sooo proud of you for pushing through these intense work outs! I bet although they are kicking your butt that you are feeling pretty bad @$$ after!!! :) It will get easier and easier the more you do it, but still be a challenge for your body which is GOOD! :)
    1600 days ago
    I am so proud of you!!!! Honestly I am on week 8 or 9 of bootcamp and I am now finding that I can mostly keep up with the group. Keep at it, the things that are terrible now will get easier the more you do them and soon you won't be the new one, there will be someone else newer that needs the encouragement!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1600 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    LOL Totally good with it Tracy! It was completely laughable. emoticon
    1600 days ago
    Is it ok that I'm laughing out loud while reading how you had to hike up your faced...omg! Anne I'm chuckling why typing this and yet I have to say YOU GO GIRL! Why not? I mean give it your all what's the worst thing that could happen right? I mean you were not wanting to get out because you didn't like the way you looked and now you are seriously kicking your own a@@! So proud of you!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1600 days ago
    I give you tot emoticon al props! I couldn't do CF at all so kudos to you!!! emoticon
    1600 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    Honestly, I have mixed feelings at this point. I don't expect to be "good", but I know I will get better and with that, be more comfortable. It is really the same cost in the end, with more opportunities to work out, so it isn't about a cost savings. But right now, I'm struggling a bit. I wasn't really getting results with the boot camp at work either, so I'm hoping this might be the key to get me to like exercise (at least at some point). People seem to get excellent results and in the end, I just want to be thinner and more fit...
    1600 days ago
    I don't think if you don't like it that much that you will want to stick with it for the long haul no matter how much money it is saving your family. I hope it gets more fun for you the more practice you get. You seemed much more enthusiastic over the boot camp classes offered at your work place. Crossfit definitely doesn't sound like anything I would enjoy just because I prefer not to work out in a group setting. Great job on sticking with it :o)
    1600 days ago
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