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Who are You ?

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation ." Herman Melville

Who am I? Do I really know? Will I ever find out? Do I matter? Do I stand out, or more importantly do I stand for something.?

In this culture it seems important to follow the crowd not to make waves. Be one of the masses.

We spend a lot of times hiding our true selves and hiding from ourselves.

I am challenging you to stop this. Just be who you were meant to be. If you don't want to go to work but rather paint all day in your pajamas than more power to you. If you would rather learn the art of Zen than get a degree in accounting than I am with you.

If you really love those silk flowered pants and have the money than by all means buy them and rock your world. If you want to only wear the color black than go ahead no one should stop you.

If you want to lose weight by hula hooping , or playing dodge ball, or fencing than touché to you.
If you want to eat kumquat's and passion star fruit all day ,even though I have never seen either fruit than please do.

If you do one thing today and do it well ,let the real you out. I promise the world will not fall apart or end. But your world will be richer for it.
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