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Beyond A Bad Day!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

If ever there was a time to eat the house down, yesterday was it! My piano students are getting ready for the annual recital and one girl has decided to play both flute and piano together, at the same time! (she will alternate instruments within the song) Last week, we went over the song and she was having trouble reading the notes and trying to play them one octave (8 notes) higher, so I asked her if she would like me to write the music out with the notes higher. She was very grateful and I took her music home to start working on it. Well, between work and babysitting this never got done. Finally, yesterday, when I had to bring the finished copy to her lesson at 4PM, I sat down to work on it, starting at 11AM (this time is important).
First, the music writing program I use for simple entries was not working. You see, out old computer (7 years - HA! ancient!) died last week and we got a newer version. Our son installed and transferred all the data from the old computer to the new one. Well, almost all the data. See, you need the disc of that program to load into the new computer, which I did not have here at home - nope, it was at work! So, I had another program which is more time-consuming, but at least it was here - at home! So I loaded it into the computer. (It is now 11:45AM.) The program had a window that popped up saying, "There are compatability issues. You may go online to resolve these issues or continue without resolution." I have dealt with this before, so I "continued without resolution." No problem! Wrote the whole piece of music at one time. (It is now 1PM.) Set the music up to print - our printer does not exist on the new computer! Go find the printer disc and load it into the computer. Discover that all I had to do was locate the driver online and could have saved 1/2 hour! (It is now 1:30PM.) (Oh, by the way - did I mention that I had to be at work at 4:30PM? and had to cook a meal for 3 of us?) Anyway, got the driver loaded and checked all printer connections. Set the music to print - nothing! Well, not nothing - faded music! NO INK!! By this time, I was internally screaming! Got in the car - drove to the local office supply company and bought ink. Drove back home. (It is now 2:30PM.) Replaced printer ink cartridges, check alignment, turned on printer. All good, right? No - now the monitor screen has gone to black - completely, totally black! As night! Turned off computer, printer, monitor, and sound. Left room to go start supper. Returned, turned all pieces on, went to do more supper stuff, returned to find monitor still black! ARRGH!! (It is now 3:15PM). Crawled down under computer desk to check all electrical plugs, make sure the power strip was on, and reached up to grab desk chair to haul the stressed-out body up, bad knees and all, when one of those bad knees gave way, the chair slid across the floor out of my grasp, and I grabbed the first thing I could to keep from falling - the sliding ledge for the computer keyboard that was attached to the underside of the computer desk. Yes, that's right, WAS attached. It broke off like a pretzel and landed on my head! (just a slight bruise - no bump.) (It is now 3:40PM.) I got up somehow, moved the (formerly) attached keyboard and ledge, and saw that the screen was still black! Ran to kitchen to plate 2 dinners and ran to bedroom to change shirt. Left DH in a whirl - "Just leaving early to go to print something at the church and then off to teach! Oh, you might want to check the computer desk and see what you can do to fix it! Bye!" (It is now 3:55PM.) Drove to the church (15 minutes away), ran to my office, turned on all needed computers and printer, and retrieved the music from the Cloud. Whereupon, the computer screen went black, ERROR message flashed, and computer shut down. At this point, I sat down in my chair and screamed (luckily no one was in the building.) Turned off all computer and printers and left the building. Hopefully, this did not ruin the work computer. (It is now 4:20pm). Drove to the teaching job, breathlessly arriving at 4:31PM, to discover that the flute and piano student was off until next week! I am starving (no supper before work, last meal was breakfast at 10AM), cranky (wouldn't you be?), and headachy (stress). Yet, I did not reach for candy which was on the counter (and chocolate, too!) but calmly ate a protein bar during the time the student would have had a lesson. Got home at 9:30PM, sat down with the geek squad (otherwise known as my son), and ate what was left of dinner. He told me that the whole problem was the new version of windows doesn't like "old" programs. (2011 - OLD??) So it shut me down. After all that, the only thing I really broke was the desk (It will be mended soon). I guess I am more proud of the fact that, with all that happened, I did not eat bad stuff or go across the street to the ice cream/candy shop, either. I ate healthy all day and am glad that emotional (EMOTIONAL - I think we're beyond that!) eating did not become another addition to one heck of a bad day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sorry for your day, but it sounds like Murphy's Law was in effect. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1743 days ago
    You are a strong woman! emoticon on the way you handled the whole situation!

    1743 days ago
    You my dear have strength of character! Good for you for not giving in to the chocolate or the ice cream. What a day! I HATE computers. Thank God you have your own Geek Squad. Congrats on handling a really tough day well!
    1745 days ago
  • MLH148
    Please know I sympathize but I couldn't help smiling as I read about one disaster after another -- knowing you survived AND DIDN"T BINGE make me able to enjoy the story. It can only get better, right? emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1746 days ago
    You did well! I hope your day goes better today. emoticon
    1746 days ago
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