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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Okay. So this isn't 100% directly about weight loss. But... I guess it kind of is. Because when I get angry, it's something I generally feed with junk food. Today I'm feeding it with ranting on a blog. That I will hopefully keep as many expletives as possible out of.

So I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was going to start taking the laptop to Starbucks to be productive & get my work done. It's actually been going REALLY well. I feel like I have a lot more time in the day and I'm not stressed out about work not getting done.

There I was today, at the Starbucks, getting my work done. I chose one of the bigger tables because my laptop is kind of ginormous, it was close to an outlet, and there was NOBODY ELSE THERE. So I'm there for a bit... and this lady comes up to me and says, "So... that's a handicap table. And I'm handicapped. You need to move to that little table over there." So I'm not happy about it because:

1) I'm in the middle of a task & moving right now was REALLY not convenient.
2) The new table has no plug, so I won't be able to stay until my work is done.
3) The new table is super small so my laptop doesn't exactly fit on it.

But, she's handicapped. I suck up the inconveniences and move tables. While I sit there for 10 mins waiting for her to get off her damn cell phone & move out of the way so I can get the new table. Like really, you're going to make me move RIGHT NOW and then make me WAIT for you? But okay, whatever... So I go to the table... that is sticky. So I get the table wiped down so I don't get food all over my laptop.

Then I notice... she claimed she was handicapped & needed the table to put her leg up on an extra chair. But she doesn't have her leg up. No, she's flitting between tables & the counter & stuff. Nobody at the table has any Starbucks drinks or food. They brought their own Subway sandwiches & are just at the Starbucks to use the wifi. I was LIVID.

1) You kicked me, an actual customer, off of a table that I was using... so you could NOT be a customer and instead be a mooch. That's kinda cheap.

2) You claimed to be handicapped, but aren't. That makes you a liar.

3) Claiming to be handicapped and then not being handicapped is DISRESPECTFUL to those people who are actually handicapped.

4) Because of your selfish actions, I was unable to finish my work and am now seriously contemplating fast food, chocolate, and potato chips.

I really hate people sometimes. I think I keep trying to look for the best because I don't want to go through life pessimistic/cynical/etc. It's so much better to be positive & happy. But sometimes, I realize that sets me up to be disappointed--sometimes on a daily basis :(

Time to change clothes & go to the gym to put the anger to work, I guess!

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LIVINGDEAD_GIRL 5/8/2013 10:28PM

    That really sucks, not sure I would of kept my mouth shut. Truly shows they type of person you are, why can't more people be like that?

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