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FODMAP, anyone.....anyone...

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Anyone heard of this or tried it for relief IBS.

FODMAPs are osmotic (means they pull water into the intestinal tract), may not be
digested or absorbed well and could be fermented upon by bacteria in the intestinal
tract when eaten in excess.
Symptoms of gas, bloating, cramping and/or diarrhea may occur in those who could be
sensitive to the effects of FODMAPs. A low FODMAP diet may help reduce symptoms,
which will limit foods high in fructose, lactose, fructans, galactans and polyols.
The low FODMAP diet is often used in those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The
diet also has potential use in those with similar symptoms arising from other digestive
disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease. (from Stanford Hospital PDF)

I am still having bloating issues even with trying different probiotics and digestive enzymes. I do not eat wheat (confirmed celiac) and have very limited dairy.

Saw this on am episode of The Food Hospital and I might try this for a while but I think that this would be even harder and more restictive then giving up wheat since most of my favorite veggies are on the avoid list. Eating is becoming a pain in the arse!!!!!!!!

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SPARKKAT 10/19/2013 8:30PM

    I just saw your post and am starting a FODMAP diet too. So far, gluten seems to be a trigger for me -- but I'm so early in the process.

Are you still following this? If so, how is it going for you?


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MORG1693 5/22/2013 1:04AM

  Hi, I've been on this diet for a bit and it's really worked for my IBS-C. Feel free to message me about it!

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DDOORN 5/14/2013 9:27AM

    That's a new one on me...good luck with your "experiment!"




Hoping some relief awaits you!


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AALLEY2 5/9/2013 10:38PM

    Never heard of it, but think you should do more research on the subject before you begin. Good luck!

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-LINDA_S 5/9/2013 9:52AM

    I forget where I heard of it the first time. It was probably in one of those health seminars I keep subscribing to. Glad you got some more comprehensive answers. Guess you just need to figure out where your problems lie. I guess "just" is not so easy! Best of luck!

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EXOTEC 5/7/2013 10:15PM

    FODMAPs and nightshades both give me distress. Sure can make living a restricted-carb lifestyle a challenge! But it's worth it to save myself the misery. Even my GERD has seemed to fade away. Good luck in finding what works for you!

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WOUBBIE 5/7/2013 7:01PM

    The only FODMAP I know FOR SURE that I get this reaction from is sugar alcohol. I keep Aldi's "Atkins" bars in my bag as backup in case I have to go a long time without a snack or meal. I took 2 with me to jury duty. Ate one at 10am, ate the other at 2pm. When I got into my car at 4:30 it was all I could do to make it home. I felt like someone had inflated a balloon inside me! Found out I can handle one dose per 24 hour period and THAT'S IT. For sweeteners I use stevia cut with inulin. (A lot of people have trouble with inulin as well, but it doesn't seem to bother me.)

I suspect that, just like with most other food sensitivities, it's highly individualized to each person. You would probably need to do some type of elimination diet for a few weeks to narrow down what exactly is causing your problems.

I love how Wikipedia states "Poor absorption of most FODMAP carbohydrates is common to everyone." What does that mean, though?!?!?

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CHERIJ16 5/7/2013 6:41PM

    I am not familiar with this but I hope it works for you.

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OJIBWEEQUAY 5/7/2013 4:40PM

    I am ALWAYS bloated and have the worst gas and never poop! But went to docs and she said "this can just be your normal" whatttttt??????????

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AVRILLEON 5/7/2013 2:40PM

    I have tried but it's very hard to stick to for any length of time (although it is supposed to be a short-lived plan anyway!) - good luck!

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