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Finally a back bone!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Well, my busy weekend is finally over.

Friday Fitgirl came over to see baby and me. Just as she knocked on the door, squirt started just crying and wouldn't stop. Well what I figured out was that she was too hot, and all she was wearing was her diaper. I opened up some windows and let a breeze if there was one come in and cool her off. I even took her temp to see if she was running a fever. I couldn't have a sick baby on my hands before we went to stage west. Luckily she was not fevering, but just getting really hot. Which I knew that was the reason she was freaking out a couple of weeks ago with DH's mom. I knew she wrapped her up and leaving that sweater on had caused the freak out. She calmed down after she cooled off and Fitgirl and I had a nice little visit.

We dropped squirt off and the first thing DH's mom said was " Did you bring another outfit, I don't like this one, it's not covering her up" If you can imagine I started to tense up, I told her that earlier that day she got way too hot and that she did not need to be all wrapped up, but she continued on. Then DH piped in and said that Anissa is like him, runs warm and that she is not to wrap her up. I told her the same thing at least 20 times, and now she listens! Enter in swear words. The show was good. I managed to over eat, considering the bulk of the buffet was seafood. I think it was the soda I had, I felt all bloated sausagey after dinner in my spanx. We picked up a sleeping baby, but not without a comment from his mom first. She couldn't complain about the wrapping up because Anissa was quiet and went to sleep with no issues because she didn't overheat her. She did tell me, after DH left the room to get something, that her hair is going into her eyes and that is why she rubs her face. It is not! She rubs her eyes just like how daddy does, and her face gets dry and rashy on the side of her face from being cradled. She reacts to the detergent, and yes I have told MIL that about 20 times as well.

Saturday was another busy day, we had a BBQ for DH's little league team. When we woke up, I mentioned to him that his mom didn't say anything about the necklace. Then he said "that is because I told her to leave it, it isn't her place" I was speechless for a bit, he actually took my side. I still don't feel comfortable with his mom coming over, because I think that she will just resort to how she has been with me and my patience is up on that.

It was a long day on saturday, the BBQ was way on the other side of town so DH wanted to take one vehicle so, he wanted me to drop him off at his game first, then I went to the mall. It was a hot day to have baby out in for the entire day. I managed to find her a cute little sun hat. Then went to pick up DH and off to the BBQ, of course all the moms wanted to hold her, but she didn't want to have any of that and cried. DH didn't want to leave until 10, so another late night again for squirt.

So all weekend was bad for eating really. Well, I am off to try and get another nice walk in. And try to finish re organizing my living room. We are just getting way over crowded with all the baby stuff, and need to downsize with some stuff.
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    Glad things are working out! I'm habing some of the same trouble!
    1562 days ago
    Wow- that's great progress! I mean... with a person like that, you can never ever let your guard down, but there are "healthy" ways to manage a relationship by setting proper bounderies and I hope your DH keeps backing you. If his Mom realizes how strongly he supports you, she'll be able to keep her mouth shut... just a little bit more often. Also, even though she still has something to say- she probably always will- maybe just try to figure out which types of comments you'll "laugh off" in your head and which ones you'll put your foot down and don't budge at all. She is like a little kid.... maybe it's time to treat her more like one :-)
    1564 days ago
    YAY!! Great to hear that B is standing ground more with his mom and she's actually listening to what you guys say. Hopefully it will continue to get better.

    1564 days ago
  • SUMMER2203
    you are so patient...your mother in law needs to STEP OFF!!! that is so annoying!!
    1565 days ago
    Make sure you say "Thank You" to Byron for standing up for your feelings (regarding the necklace on Anissa!) because that will encourage him to do that more often!!! I am so glad that he did that for you too!!!

    I don't like pushy people... but I can understand your frustration. She is HIS mom, we allways want to be polite! But I say, if she's NOT being polite or nice, you need to remind her what YOUR boundaries are... or she'll get the idea that there AREN'T any and continue to act like a spoiled child!

    You are doing a GREAT job with Anissa! She's a beautiful girl!!! I still need to get you that gift... I will make a special trip over soon! :)
    1565 days ago
    I'm so glad to hear that he is finally catching on to how she is acting towards you. Maybe she will stop being such a bully now! I'm pretty sure she's used to the men in her family just doing things how she wants them...they probably have just given up if anything..lol
    1565 days ago
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