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Getting caught up on my photo blogs... so behind!!!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Well hello Spark People friends! Boy has it been a while!!! Just been very busy with parties... birthday, planning baby showers, and putting on a dinner for my MOMS Ministry at my church. Thought I'd take some time and get some... maybe all... of these done / caught up. So lets get started!

I left off on April 20th (my little cub's birthday!). The word that day was: White

My cubs just had their April Vacation from school. Papabear took a few days off and we took the cubs and my girlfriend's daughters with us to stay at a hotel. We all had a great time!

When we first got there we went to the top of the waterfall that was at the place. This is a picture of the cubs and friends looking at the water. The rushing water is my "white".

April 21st Photo Word was: Blooming

The first picture is one of my Re-Blooming Lilacs. They are starting to bloom and can't wait to enjoy the wonderful smell!

The second picture is of my regular Lilac bush starting to bloom. We moved it last year to the front yard. I was worried how it would do this year, but it's looking great and like I'm getting lots of blooms again! WooHoo!

April 22nd's Photo word was: A Bow...
So I'm thinking they meant a regular bow, but I'm going with a bow and arrow, or better known as "Archery".

My youngest cub is really interested in Archery. The school does a little bit with it in gym class. During the month of April, the school offered an after school class for any of the children. We signed my youngest up for them and he loved it! I couldn't get a picture of him shooting or anything, so posted this picture (above) I found on the internet.

This is a picture of a plate, of course. On the 1st day of his lesson, the teacher had the children draw their favorite food on a paper plate... his is pancakes. Then they shot the plate with their bow and arrows. He did very well for his 1st time ever!

April 23rd's photo word was: Mail

Mail?!!? I don't usually take pictures of my mail, hee hee. I did find this one... this is a picture of me giving our favorite mail lady her Christmas gift! She is very nice and when we see her around town she always remembers us. Love that small town feeling!!

April 24th's photo word was: Mobile
I wasn't sure what to do for this one either?!! But it did make me think of this conversation hubby, I, and the cubs had one evening. Since my youngest cub's birthday was coming up, I had the cubs ask everyone who came to the party this question... I'll tell you in a minute, hee hee. The sad part is that I lost the bet, but the cubs didn't do it fairly.

The conversation was about which vehicle would you prefer. Don't look at the color, the cost of the vehicle, or anything else. You're just picking if you could, which one would you prefer to have....

Mustang Shelby ~~~ or ~~~

A Lamborghini??!??

I won't tell you what I thought until I hear what you all choose first, hee hee. Tell you next Blog.

April 25th's photo word was: Spotlight

This is my oldest cub. He is getting bandaged because he has a scrap on his leg due to falling off a stage! aaagghhhh....

This past Saturday both of my cubs went to "YouthFest". It's a Catholic conference for the youth of the churches around our state (or where ever). They have well known guest speakers, music concerts, have a mass done by the Bishop and adoration. With thousands who attend, my cubs were asked to alter serve at the mass and adoration. As my oldest was coming back up the stage during the adoration mass, he fell and scrapped his leg. I was very happy that it was at the end of the day, so it didn't ruin his day. But that was my oldest cub's time in the "spotlight". hee hee.

April 26th photo word was: a fence

I saw this idea posted on Pinterest. We had left over fencing, so I did it myself (well and hubby's help). I was hoping to use it to cover the pipe beside it, but that didn't work. I feel it still looks good and there is something nice there now, not just this ugly pipe coming out of my house (in the front!).

April 27th photo word was: Fresh

This is a picture of some fresh corn on the cob! One of my favorite Summer foods!!! The day the cubs were at Youthfest, hubby and I had an awesome steak he grilled, with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob! It was all very yummy. And to make it even more enjoyable, we ate outside...actually we have eaten outside for over a week now. Nice to do that again!

April 28th's Photo words were: On The Floor...

Okay, so this is Twixie and he's not actually on a "floor", but he's on the ground, so can that count?!!? Again, while the cubs were at YouthFest, hubby and I took the cub's guinea pigs out for some yummy... FRESH (hee hee)... grass. They really enjoyed it.

I got down on the ground with them and just kept shooting pictures. There were some really cute ones I got and my cubs are very excited to make them their new back ground pictures on their I Pads, Pods, computers, etc, etc... hee hee.

April 29th's Photo words were: The Price...

So if you know me, I love ICE CREAM!!! When I was a teenager the frozen yogurt place, TCBY popped up in town. Since it can be expensive, my family would treat ourselves here and there. When I got married, hubby wouldn't try "frozen yogurt", so I never would go. Shortly after, the place closed. I knew of a store in a mall, but I never drove out that way, so didn't go.

So that brings us to now... a few weeks ago they opened up a TCBY in my home town! Do you know how excited I was... hee hee. I finally convinced hubby to go with me the day the cubs were at YouthFest... yes we had a good day together cub-less, hee hee. They redid the place and now you get your own frozen yogurt (self serve). Then you go to the counter where you can put whatever you want in it. From fresh fruit to the not so good SP choices... candy! My favorite use to be a Peanut Butter Cup Shiver (a shiver is like a Blizzard from Dairy Queen). So I get low-fat Chocolate frozen yogurt with cut up peanut butter cups and some peanut butter sauce. Then you give it to them so they can mix it all together! Oh so yummy! It all goes by weight, so you got to be careful. 50 cent per pound. Lets just say when hubby & I went, I had fun and enjoyed my treat I had been missing for years! FYI, They give out samples so if you want to try it before you put it in your cup. STILL hubby wouldn't try some! I was not happy with him. He was even more naughty and went to McDonalds and got himself their hot fudge sundae... why that over TCBY, I don't know!!!

Knowing my cubs have good taste, Sunday we went back with them. No hubby still didn't try any and yes, he got his hot fudge sundae. BUT the cubs LOVED it and at least now I have someone to go with... here and there, of course... hee hee. FYI, I did take the nutrition info so I can log it all in here on SP. So I'll see "how good" my frozen yogurt is over my normal ice cream... hee hee.

April 30th's Photo words were: Harsh Light (meaning: Bright | High Noon | Outside)...

This is my youngest cub in the hot tub at the hotel we stayed at on their Spring Vacation. It doesn't really show harsh light I guess, but he has his eyes shut due to the brightness of the noon sun shining on the water. The other three children already moved their seats to the other side due to this. My little cub is strong... or is he (hee hee)?!!

Again may not be a good picture showing harsh light, but this is my oldest walking the lake's water line. I thought it was a nice picture and it was taken shortly after 12 noon.

Hay emoticon, I finished April!!! I think I'll start May later. I don't want to bore you all too much, hee hee. Thanks again for stopping by and looking / reading my photo blogs. It's nice to share my happy moments of my life with my friends.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!
emoticon emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great pix and narrative. Thanks for sharing. BTW...Lamborghini, definitely! What's you're favorite flavor now at TCBY? I love the tart fruit flavors like Rapsberry with fat free or sugar free chocolate!
    1780 days ago
    Not bored at all! Your family life brings me joy! Our TCBY closed down too, but we have a Sweet Frogs which is the same thing. My hubby does like it. Our McDonalds actually serves frozen yogurt and not soft serve ice cream, so Poppa Cub better read the signs! He may like froyo after all! Love the harsh light pics.
    1780 days ago
    As always, great pictures. I love the flag!!! I did not notice the pipe until you mentioned it!!!

    1780 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    What a great month and loved the pics. Looks like great kids
    1780 days ago
    I had been missing your photo blogs. As always, a wonderful job!
    Auntie Cyndie
    1780 days ago
  • 68ANNE
    It was so nice reading up on your month. So much you've done and love the photos!
    1781 days ago
    ADRIENNIE, Yeah children have a different thought, like not the gas prices. BUT we asked everyone at the party (adults too) and the choice was between the two above cars. The people were suppose to pick between those and NOT think about gas, color of the car in the picture, or anything else. Just which one would you like to have, if you could.

    Thanks for playing and for stopping by my blogs! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!
    1781 days ago
    Loved your blog!
    1781 days ago
    Wow what a load of happy stuff! I really miss my days as a mom of of little guys. Now I'm a grandma and that is awesome might quite as much consistent fun. We don't see my grandkids enough.

    I have to say my favorite car ever is the one I have now. It's a Toyota Prius and it enables us to go up to our vacation home in the Sierras without ever feeling guilty about gas prices. We can go up and back and I can still drive around for whole next week without having to fill up again. I think anything that gets less than 25 MPG is a waste of money. My car get 45 MPG. I guess kids a t a birthday party have very different priorities than I do.
    1781 days ago
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