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READ THIS...ITS IMPORTANT....Live Blood Analysis Report

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

These tips came at the end of a very lengthy and costly Live Blood Analysis Report regarding the state of my daughter in laws blood and vital organs. It's too late for my daughter in law sadly, but reading this may just save your life.

Dietary changes to correct an unbalanced terrain:

A few basic rules to keep in mind include the following: (I know that this is very different from what most people are used to, but try to make the changes where you can and make changes that you will be able to maintain. It only works if you can keep it up!)

1) Avoid ALL junk “nonfoods”. These include most fast foods, any processed food, refined starch (including sugar), saturated food/fried food and additives. This also includes all soft drinks, caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea), tobacco and alcohol. It also includes condiments and foods with vinegar, sugar and other additives.

2) Drastically reduce the intake of animal protein. Avoid pork and all processed meat COMPLETELY. A very limited intake of lean meat, chicken, game and fish is allowed, provided they are not eaten with starch (only vegetables or a salad).

3) Avoid heated oils and hydrogenated fats (found in processed food and margarine).

4) Avoid microwaved food.

5) Increase water intake. You should be getting at least 2 liters water in daily – in the form of water. Boiling and filtering the water will remove most impurities.

6) Eat as much dark green and yellow vegetables as you can – as close to its natural state as you can.

7) Include more raw food in your diet.

8) Eat sprouted seeds and grains, they’re alkalinizing.

9.) Include raw oils in your diet (flax oil, olive oil, hempseed oil, fish oil capsules).

10) Vegetable juices (freshly prepared) are very beneficial.

11) Eat smaller meals, more frequently and take smaller bites. Eat slowly and chew properly. Try to put your stresses and other preoccupations aside when eating and focus on eating calmly.

It's something worth considering. My dil as long as I remember has eaten poorly. Initially I thought it was that she had no idea how to cook and set about trying to teach her how to cook. I soon realized that she had no desire to cook or to learn how. She preferred to eat fries, pies, pasta, loads of sweets etc. Despite my efforts which included cooking and freezing meals for her, she ate how she wanted to. She now has cancer and its too late.
Her lab report finding is that these things are wrong with her....at only 30 yrs old.

Acid and toxic bowel..viral condition of the liver..system loaded with parasites..poor digestion and absorption..deficient intestine flora..anemic..hormonal imbalance..endocrine condition..vitB12 deficiency..low oxygen..circulation hindrance..high serum cholesterol..poor protein digestion..lymphatic arrest..water retention..vitC deficiency..skin challenges..gall bladder dysfunction..gall stones present..cell damage..connective tissue damage..joint damage..folic acid deficiency..iron deficiency..aemia..bacterial infection..inflammation throughout entire body..candida..entire system degeneration.

If you can read this, you still have a chance. It isn't worth those fries, sodas etc. Our system needs to be alkaline rather than acidic and it cannot do it by itself. We put into our systems what it runs on.....lets do it right and make healthy choices.
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