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Non Break Challenge Week #5

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

CAMO “no break” challenge for week #5: Wed 5/8 through Tues 5/14

TRI-atholon challenge for the week:

This week is focused on finding what works for you.

Titrate – eating
Titration is adding a little more or taking a little away to get the correct combination. So we will be looking at our patterns that can result in us eating too much or too little for our meals & snacks. The goal is to eat when you are hungry and eat what you need to fuel your body until your next meal or snack.
Here are some patterns that can encourage us to eat too much or too little:

When a calorie goal is set, people can:
Deprive themselves (of calories at certain meals, of certain foods), and then become too hungry and make poor choices. Or feel deprived and then struggle with temptations.
Or focus on that calorie goal and when they have extra calories they eat treats or eat when they are not hungry, “because they can”.

Life events can affect us.
When things get rough, our stress goes up and/or our emotions go up, and our free time shrinks. All these can encourage us to eat too much, skip meals, grab whatever to eat, and other patterns that cause us to eat too much or too little.

Even social events can encourage us to eat too much or even too little. Going out to a restaurant can be a treat where we order foods we normally don’t eat and eat too much or eat too little when the food is not on our plan. Socializing with friends or family or co-workers can also mean eating too much or too little or even eating when we are not hungry at all.

Even patterns we have learned such as clean your plate or tasting as you cook or seeing something and taking a bite, can mean eating too much or too little.

This week, for one meal or snack, use titration to eat the amount you need to support your body until the next meal/snack, not too much, and not too little. This will look different for different people, depending on your patterns and your knowledge of your eating patterns. It might look like:
- Get curious about your hunger. Stop when you are no longer hungry, but before you are starting to really feel full.
- Get curious to how much food you put on your plate / order at a restaurant, and what your attitudes are about eating what you chose.
- Get curious about the type of foods (fats, sugars, processed foods, veggies, fruit) that you put on your plate / order and what you eat first.
- Get curious about the when and how you eat (grab something without much thought, plan your meals and snacks regularly and then eat them all without thought and without listening to if you are hungry or not, etc.).

If you have already explored the basics above, feel free to alter this to take yourself a step further. Some possible examples:
- Titrating your macronutrient ratios to see what ratios work best for you,
- Focusing on a specific macronutrient or even a specific food and titrating that one item (protein, starchy carbs, healthy fats, dark chocolate over 85% to avoid other chocolates, gluten, etc. ) and titrating that food/macronutrient to see what works best for you,
- Focusing timing to titrate what works best for you (x minutes before a workout, x minutes after a workout, x minutes after waking up, no eating x minutes before bedtime, etc.).

500 points each day for choosing one meal or snack for which you use Titration to find the correct amount for you that fuels your body until your next meal or snack.

100 points for tracking your food for each day.
We won’t be tracking calories, instead focus on the correct amounts and making good choices.

Rung - your own choice

If we are using titration to figure out the correct food that works for you (amount, combination), and we are using inspiration to keep us exercising, then for your own choice of something to work on – choose something that is the next rung in the ladder to help you move forward on your weight loss. What is really stopping you or getting in your way or dragging you down other paths? Choose that item and work on it each day.

500 points each day you put some time and effort into working on what you identified as your next rung in the ladder to get you to your weight loss / fitness goal.

Inspiration – Exercise,

Those that successfully get their exercise done will tell you a key item is being inspired by their exercise. This can mean a lot of different things:
- They are seeing weight loss or fitness results which inspire them, or
- They can see their progress as they go further/longer, faster, are stronger, and/or can do things they couldn’t do before, or
- They are doing something that is just plain old fun.

This week, let’s focus on exercise that inspires you.

This can be refocusing on the inspiration you get from the exercise you do right now - Does your exercise make you feel strong, or fast or agile? Can you see the progress you are making (baby steps forward at regular intervals will get you there)? Focus on what your exercise gives to you.

Or this can be exploring a new exercise to see if you will love it or not. You may be surprised like me, and exercises I thought I wouldn’t like at all (pushing sleds, using sledge hammers on tires, or boxing), once I tried them I really liked them and they will pull me to the gym when I normally don’t want to go.

500 points each day for exercising and finding your inspiration with your exercise.

Share with your team so that others can learn right along with you.
For each day report to your team on the chat thread one of the following:
- Any Ah Has you got about your eating patterns and when you eat too much or too little or how your titration meal went.
- How your exercise you did that day inspired you.
- What you are doing for your next run on the weight loss/fitness ladder and how it is going.

Do a post for each day, but you don’t have to post on the day it happened. For example: you can post on Saturday for Fri and Sat but there must be two pieces of information to cover both days, such as Friday I did xxx which is the exercise I love and I never miss it, today I got a big ah ha on my weekend eating ……). All posts must be done before you report your challenges, and don’t wait too long or you will forget your day.

500 points for each day you post about.

Tracking Sheets:
Excel -
Word -
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