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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Just had to get a quick Blog here to let you all know that I finally caught up with the Group and I am at the Campsite with everyone. Joan, Thanks for the Coffee!! It really DID hit the spot!! AND, thanks for rescuing my Towel that I left at Conspicuous Beach!! With all of the 'Side Trips' that I made, I got nearly 20,000 Steps today.
I got up early thinking that I would be able to keep up with the Group for once and then I had to make a "Quick" run to the Store for Sunscreen. On the way back I ran across a bunch of Lizards that I couldn't resist watching. I think they were Shakespearean Geckos and while I usually don't like any kind of Lizards, these were Adorable!

I did see your Pink Hats in the Distance and I tried to catch up, but I kept getting distracted. I did stop and look at the Elephant Rocks and they are AMAZING!! They really did resemble a Herd of Elephants.

And I after seeing MillieMouse's Pictures I am SURE that I saw A small flock of Fairy Penguins! They really were adorable and I do understand Gail wanting to take one Home, LOL!!

When I finally got to the Campsite, Gail had Stew ready for everyone. With the Coffee that Joan gave me earlier, I think I might make it!! One of the things that I was worried about when I started this Trek was the Food. I am not much of a Cook, even when I have all the "Modern Conveniences" and a Grocery Store on the corner. But you Girls have really helped me out with showing me how to cook Oatmeal on and Pancakes on a Campfire (Thanks, Ann!!) and with sharing what you make. And then there are all the Fabulous Local Places that Ann found for us to enjoy eating. I am pretty sure that I embarrassed everyone with the Desserts at the Teahouse the other night. I had never had Lamb before and it was AWESOME. Then I couldn't make up my mind which Dessert to have, so I had BOTH -- The Sticky date Pudding AND the Chocolate Pudding with Warm Berries and Ice Cream!! Of course, I did share the Sticky Date Pudding with Gail!
Hey, did someone mention S'Mores!? Can I get one? I brought extra Marshmallows!!

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