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So It Begins....

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I'm stoked.
The number on the scale was 202. My weight, once kept meticulously at 135, had hovered in the high 180's-190's since my son was born over three years ago, but my out-of-control eating habits finally pushed that first digit from 1 to 2.
Right about now, you're probably thinking that this girl should seriously consider looking up the word 'stoked' on urbandictionary.
But I am stoked. Because that 202 was enough of a reality check to convince me to do something.
The thing is, I've always known I had a ton of weight to lose. But to think about it overwhelmed me. To go from 190 to 120 meant losing 70 pounds. That's a whole lotta weight that's gonna take a whole lotta time to burn, not to mention patience is an area I'm, um...working on... Needless to say, I gave up enough that if I had ten pounds less for each time, I'd be skinny by now. I'm sure you get the point.
When I saw that number I knew I couldn't let it keep climbing. So I began to identify the factors that hadn't been good for my weight loss plans in the past.
I realized that the biggest issue was my feeling overwhelmed at the amount of weight I had to lose. I could not imagine myself at 120 pounds. It was hard, for me at least, to plug away at an unknown goal.
So, painful as it was at first to type 180 in the goal weight box, I did it. I decided to divide my weight loss goal into what I called "interval goals."
A lot of people do something kind of like this, when they set mini-goals for themselves but keep their ultimate goal weight in mind.
The only difference here is that I'm not thinking about the number 120 at all. My only goal is 180, and when I reach it, my only goal will be 160. Then when I reach 160, my goal will be 140. Then, after 140, I get to focus on that 120.
The logic is that I can fathom losing 20 pounds. I can see myself at 180 as visual motivation.
When I weigh 180 I'll be able to imagine how I'll look and feel at 160. And so on.
I think it'll make buying clothes easier, too. :)

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