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Blue Salamanders, White Canvas

Monday, May 06, 2013

Stupid Dog, aka Munchie Bear, after his walk today.

Back in December I was taking Stupid Dog on daily 1 mile walks. He was constantly pulling and lunging and other dogs, trucks, etc. Once he somehow managed to slip the leash and actually jumped out into the road and missed being flattened by a cement truck by mere inches. And don't even ask about his reaction to motorcycles.

In short he was not a well behaved doggie on his walks, and that's without taking into account bathroom habits.

Fast forward to now with his harness & leash, a stylish brown leather imprinted with blue salamanders. He is a different, dare I say well behaved?, dog in the harness, happy to trot at my side with nary a lunge or other misdemeanor. All it took was putting the harness on, no special training or anything. I'm guessing he had worn one in his previous life with one of his first owners. So we are now back to the daily walks. Which he desperately needs because he is also fat. The walks will help that problem.

And he's still stupid too, but I don't think walks will help that condition.

Today I took a Fitness Personality quiz, which is based on the Meyers-Briggs. Based on how you answer your questions you are assigned a main color type, and then one of 4 sub types.

I am White Canvas...a Trailblazer on Familiar Paths

"Whites approach exercise as they do everything else...with planning & structure after sufficient reflection time...disciplined & independent, Whites are self-organized & attracted to physical exercise they can structure at their own pace..."

And further breaking it down I am actually a White Efficient and expect trainers to have a high level of proficiency and knowledge & will challenge them with tough questions.

So Mr. Trainer, basically do not try to pawn me off with platitudes and simplistic "answers" because I will see right through your touchy-feely stuff for those White Harmonies who want to be friends. Give me a kick ass take no prisoners trainer every time. emoticon

And my personal favorite part of the analysis..."At times they may enjoy being accountable to a fitness trainer as long as they've had a role in directing the activity..."

Yep, that's me....yes Mr. Trainer I'll do what you long as I've told you what that is!

emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    your dog looks like our Bailey!
    1750 days ago
    1750 days ago
    Haha, his face is kinda saying 'lets do it again!'


    1750 days ago
    I have 3 little dogs I walk in harnesses. Samurai (papillion) lunges at bikes, motorcycles, other dogs, people ... I can snatch him up before he dashes off. My chihuahua, Spartacus, tries to act like a land anchor - all 6 pounds of him. I use his harness to loft him gently forward. Shalako (Pom) tries to lag behind at times, but offer her a "bikkie" and see her prance!
    1750 days ago
    So I workout with this ex East German Stasi agent, although he could be Russian Spetsnaz, Croatian Ustachi, or a Chechen Rebel.... he is a chameleon, he is evil, he has no soul....but he is a damn good trainer....I hate him, but we work out together 3x/week no matter what!

    I'll send him your way! Not sure he can help out the dog though....
    1750 days ago
    glad you figured our doggie's personality (aka leash) style. where do you take that quiz?

    1750 days ago
    You know, thunder coats and stuff like that affect dogs (usually in a positive way). Maybe he just needed a different style of harness.

    He is beautiful. Yes, I am a cat person, but that coat and face make me want to talk babble and give him kisses. He looks sweet... if stupid. That's really the essence of dogs, if you ask me.

    And White Canvas sounds about right!
    1750 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    I was wondering about Stupid Dog the other day when Stupid Cat wandered into our carport! That was what got me to thinking about SD!
    SC was meowing like crazy when we got home from a dr appt. At 1st we thought it was under the house but realized eventually it was between the new platform landing and our concrete steps underneath. We could not coax it out so DH finally took a board off (not an easy feat for a man recovering from hip surgery) and got it out but then Abbie poked her nose out and that cat was like greased lightning-back between those boards and the concrete. DH took up another board and the little bugger ran down the concrete steps and to the far end of the ramp where one cannot reach so, more boards were removed from the ramp! Finally enticed it out with some hamburger and when set down off it ran-to who knows where. It was a young kitten - probably between 4 & 5 mo old. Don't know of anyone near us with any kitten so no idea where it came from and haven't seen it again-Dumb Cat!
    1750 days ago
    Love it. Stupid dog looks happy!!!
    1750 days ago
  • CAALAN23
    LOL @ your analysis!

    And Stupid Dog Munchie Bear is very cute and I'm glad he is getting to go on more walks now. Sadly, my "stupid" dog behavior is the same no matter what he is attached to. He will sit still at street corners for bacon...although so do other peoples dogs.

    Have a great evening!
    1750 days ago
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