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heck, why not?

Monday, May 06, 2013

ok, so this is my 1st blog post! :)

here's the deal- i did well with SP in watching my nutrition/exercising back in the fall

but since Jan 2013- i've been in a big rut

a few reasons- stress of a new job that threw a wrench in my workout schedule AND BIG-TIME family drama- i.e. my parents and I had a major falling out after my brother got married. The stress of that has taken a toll on my motivation.

Last week I had a birthday- the big 36

So I feel single, fat, and discouraged about life in general.

I know that SP works. I know I need to recommit. I just need to put this knowledge into action and refocus on ME and not other people who don't care about me. emoticon

I am experimenting with blogging to see if it gives me an outlet to VENT - and not go to the fridge.

Wish me luck people! emoticon
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  • v JIBBIE49
    emoticon Happy BELATED Birthday. As a Taurus, u have always had parents who pushed you but being "The BULL" you have resisted. Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of LOVE and you do LOVE the "Good Life" and beauty and leisure, to the point that you can be "Lazy" if u really don't work at it. Taurus is frugal and may be thought of as "stingy" but it is only because u want to have security and u hold on to what is yours. You can get along well with Virgo or Capricorn, Cancer or Pisces as those four understand your needs. You can do well working in banking, finance , real estate, furniture sales, interior design (as you love a beautiful home) or in farming or selling food. U love "The Earth" and animals as you see value in nature and what is practical. (You could show Dogs at Westminster as you love quality.) You tend to be "a realist" and people often find that difficult about you as you don't care for "fantasy." You can have fun and enjoy "The Arts" and make a good actor or costume designer or a painter. You are a person with a "Gift for music" and may have a fine singing voice or if you have practiced you can be a wonderful musician. (Many Jazz players or Blues players are Taurus people singing about REAL life, as are country music players reliving the values of our "ROOTS." ) Taurus can be the person who buys an old house, and fixes it up and turns it into a cozy, warm, loving home, as the Taurus person can be very handy with tools and making things. Taurus is often the kid in school who doesn't like to read and do math, but she/he can sing or draw, or be great in "shop class." Taurus has to see some value in what he/she is learning so something like the "X" in Algebra might not hold interest. BUT, in math when the lesson is on how to make interest on a saving account, or get a loan to start a business, then Taurus will make an "A."
    Weight can be a real issue for the Taurus person as they dont' like to sweat, and they love to cook and feed others. Plus if the parent has made any comments about weight during childhood, the taurus child who is stubborn can think "Oh, u think this is fat, well, I'll show u REAL fat." But, Taurus does have WILLPOWER and determination to finish what is started, so he/she doesn't have to stay fat. That love of beauty can make a top bodybuilder or beauty queen if the Taurus person sees a PAY OFF in the effort needed to get there. Once again, Taurus isn't going to go over in the other field if the Grass isn't GREENER over there. Taurus will stay in a "Rut" but be happy, if all is going well. Taurus likes security.

    Concerning that falling out with your parents and being single at 36, that is alright for you, since being single at 36 you have CONTROL over your life. It is a choice you have made. Saturn rules marriage and Saturn always RESTRICTS. Nothing is more restricting than marriage, since you no longer run your own life, but have to deal with the other person and then kids. Taurus doesn't want to give up that freedom unless there is a HUGE return on the investment in time and effort. Unlike Scorpio, who is your opposite sign, Scorpio MUST be in control in any relationship since he/she is so insecure. You are NOT insecure, but know who you are in your own skin, and you LIKE yourself when you are alone. You enjoy love and appreciation, but you don't NEED sex like Scorpio does as you can think about ways to make MONEY and get as much satisfaction. Scorpio is ruled by the 8th house of sex and death & regeneration. YOU are ruled by the Second House of personal security and stability. Your charm can give you plenty of personal companionship, but you do well spending time with a Virgo or Capricorn who can understand your caution.
    Saturn is in Scorpio now, being opposite the Sun, Mercury, Venus in TAURUS, so there has been a lot of restriction on Taurus people this past couple of weeks.
    1180 days ago
    Blogging is a great U learn how to make Better and Healthier changes! emoticon
    1180 days ago
  • v ANIKA34
    You can do this! I was in a rut too, but been back on track for almost a week now! And I have found that blogging has really helped me out, especially seeing all the support and encouragement from other members!

    emoticon emoticon
    1180 days ago
    COngratulations on your first blog post. I don't know the familial situation but I can almost guarantee that your family does care about you. Use this time in your life to commit to making yourself happy. Remove yourself from situations that lead to your unhappiness. One of those things is probably bad foods. Though it may feel good when you are eating that cheesburger or pie, it ultimately leads to your unhappiness so you should walk away from it. I wish you the best and keep blogging!
    1180 days ago
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