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Monday, May 06, 2013

Ugh. I had a stuffy nose yesterday, but it blossomed into a full on head cold today. I am stuff and runny and my throat feels like I swallowed battery acid. Ended up staying home from work today, because I barely got any sleep. I can never sleep well when I can't breath through my nose, so I was tossing and turning all night. It was brutal and now I'm still exhausted. I should get back in bed right now, in fact, but I know the second I lie down, everything in my sinuses is going to shift again and I'll lose my ability to breath out of one clear nostril. Gonna have to break out the neti pot, which I HATE.

Well, despite the stuffy nose, I had a successful day yesterday. I stayed right on track with my food, walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes, and did my core ST. My foot held up well on the treadmill. I had it all taped up and iced it afterward and it feels fine. I'm still hesitant to try running at all, so I think I'll stick to just walking for at least another week just to make absolutely sure it's okay.

Luckily today is a cardio rest day, so I only have to make it through my lower body ST. I'm hoping that with some more rest during the day today, I'll be up to doing that this evening. Staying on track with food should be easy, since it's hard to eat when you're asleep!

I ordered my new BodyMedia CORE this morning. I decided to get it from Amazon, despite it being more expensive on there than on the BodyMedia site. I have an Amazon Prime membership, so I get free 2-day shipping. BodyMedia wanted to charge me almost $13 for UPS ground. Plus, I had $50 worth of Amazon gift cards saved up from Christmas and my birthday, so despite the total coming out to about $5 more, I figured it would be worth it for the faster shipping and being able to use those gift cards. It should be here Wednesday and I can't wait! I HATE having to log my food twice right now, so I am really really looking forward to that SparkPeople integration!

Well, I'm off to use my neti pot then climb back into bed. Tomorrow is my one week weigh-in and I'm pretty optimistic. As of this morning I am down 3.8 pounds. Maybe fighting this cold will burn some extra calories!
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