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Moody Monday....

Monday, May 06, 2013

Not sure what my problem has been the last several days. I just don't want to do this anymore. I never seem to get anywhere, regardless of my calories and activity.

TODAY I WILL FAKE IT UNTIL I MAKE IT. I don't want to eat well or move more today but I am retaining a bunch of water and I NEED to feel better. I need to get over how much I crave stuff when I say I'm not going to eat it for such and such a time. It never fails, I can refuse bread or fried foods or pop, as long as I have NOT pledged to do so.

Goals for today:

emoticon Minimum of 4500 steps

emoticon Freggie with every meal and snack

emoticon No bread products

emoticon Work on paperwork for no less than 60 minutes this afternoon

Have a healthy day!!

ETA: Didn't meet any of my goals today.

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    Thanks. One of these days I will find my groove again.
    1753 days ago
    Well, I think the minute you say you can't have something is the minute when your mind/body goes into this mode where it's going to want what it can't have. The trick is to not deprive yourself but to find the balance. I always tell myself that I have the option of having either something healthy or not so healthy but usually pick something healthy. It doesn't mean there isn't room for you to satisfy a sweet or salty craving. Remember, getting healthy is about progress, not perfection.

    I understand what it's like to eat healthy and workout and nothing happens but that doesn't mean it won't happen eventually. Sometimes, the scale takes time to show that our hard work is actually paying off. If that's not the case, then you could have a medical issue that makes it difficult to lose weight. Have your doctor test for Hypothyroidism because it can cause a lot of issues with exhaustion and it makes it very difficult to lose weight. Make sure you are tested more than once. It took 4 blood tests for me to finally get a diagnosis.

    Sometimes I am so tempted to give up and I have my moody Mondays and
    sometimes the frustration is overwhelming but keep trying. You will find something that works for you. It may take a lot of time but you will find it and you will be so happy that you didn't give up!

    emoticon emoticon
    1753 days ago
    Everyone tends to react the same way the moment we make a food "Bad" and say we cannot ever have it again. And it gets stronger if it is a food we love and deny ourselves for a long time. Can end up bingeing on it. JMHO but if you stop giving up foods and instead I choose not to eat bread today for an example it may help. And it may also help if you allow yourself to eat that at some point, in a controlled portion in the future, then the mind/body set becomes I can eat that on...... and the craving is less intense. Something they teach in Psychology training is that when you go all Critical Parent on yourself as in "Thats bad! You can never never eat that again!" There is an instantaneous response of the Inner Child aspect of us that says "I Can Too Have That! I Want It NOWWW!!" and there you go, the craving and the battle not to feed the craving is engaged. I hope my suggestions help emoticon
    IKacey co-leader of the Chair Exercise Team
    1753 days ago
    I feel the same way sometimes~I just don't want this to be my battle! I want to be a naturally thin person like my mom and I don't want to have to think about what I can or can't eat all the time. But I know if I let myself go, I will be back where I started plus more and my health will suffer for it. So, that's why we have our spark friends~they encourage us to stick with it and keep pushing. You can do it!
    1753 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Keep on trying, don't give up---this can be very trying and when we haven't seen results we tend to want to quit. Hang in there, do this one day at a time---thats my motto, and I have not lost in awhile, of course not, "I;ve gained 4 pounds back----I am going to keep moving on and continue to get this done right yet.

    1753 days ago
  • JEAN111766
    Just like everyone else commented, we are all with you on this journey... it is SO hard!!! Being sick has set me back something terrible... I haven't worked out for over a week now and my food choices are simply awful. Tomorrow is another day... we will do this... we have lots of support and lots of success stories to follow ;)
    1754 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/6/2013 9:48:01 PM
    giving up bread for me was very hard and even after a few years, I am tempted to have it. Perhaps you could give yourself permission to have it, but give it a consequence. I am thinking of something like 100 jumping jacks or something as horrid. My joints almost immediately start hurting when I eat wheat, so that is my consequence.

    emoticon emoticon
    1754 days ago
    You will get through these moods. Taking a day or two off will not hurt a lot. But I took enough time off to regain 50 lbs! Just a day at a time, that is the way. Good luck.
    1754 days ago
    I hear ya! I sure can relate to what you are saying...It IS sooooo hard.....Don't give up...Keep pushing....You're in it for your health....YOU CAN do it! Keep seeking, reading, and sparking.... emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1754 days ago
    Hang In there!I,too go through this every day too.
    I just had surgery so I have to start over from scatch.My body is all off whack.
    My system is just now getting straightened out.I had a hysterectomy so now my hormones are off.The hot flashes are the worst.I have no idea if I will ever get back in shape but I am going to try.
    I am in my 4th week since surgery and am using my wiifit every day.
    It wears me out!But I just keep trying.
    Good Luck my dear.You can do this.
    1754 days ago
    Take baby steps...get thru one hour at a time. It's hard for me, too!
    1754 days ago
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