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Interesting Weekend

Monday, May 06, 2013

Overall, it has been a very productive few days. Good thing I got to see Ron before work Friday because he left for fishing just before I went in and didn't come back until after two pm today. Friday at work, I had to listen to a girl scream for over half an hour and went back to my office at the other end of the opposite hall and could still hear her with the door closed but I fixed things with an unorthodox method. I made five girls sign contracts saying they would stay away from two to three other girls and if forced to come in contact would not say things to agitate them. First thing staff said was what would be the consequence if they didn't follow it? it to them and say how shocked you are that they lied to you?

Somehow, I was able to get to bed by midnight so I could get up at five thirty to get ready to work Saturday and that ended up pretty good even though I had to tell a girl her furlough had been cancelled after she went to bed the night before. After work, I got to go to my Nurse Manager's incredible new house for the house warming / Cheryl quitting / Nurse Manager quitting party. It was a lot of fun but I got a raging headache just as I was leaving. Drinking lots of water helped and I actually went to bed early and REALLY worked today. The tom tom didn't work at ALL but she gave good directions. Just my odometer was off by a mile or so and I kept thinking I had missed a turn when I hadn't. Heidi led me out when we left so that was cool. She even has an elevator in her new house! And a turret, and a gazebo...and a deer feeder where they say ten to twelve deer show up every morning.

I'm off this coming Saturday but have to work Mother's day so it's possible we will work on the walls again Saturday. Ron said I could start prepping and stated that it would include moving the REFRIGERATOR and microwave with stand into the dining room. Me and the boys actually DID it after nine pm but the fridge wouldn't fit with the handles on and although they have screws on one end, they don't on the other so now the fridge door handle is broken at the bottom. Ooops. Of course, I had to CLEAN the fridge too. But the first thing I did was I made the weed killer that a friend on facebook said worked. Apple cider vinegar, salt, and dawn dishwashing soap. That took FOREVER since the yard is stinking full of weeds. Then I let them soak with it and picked up movies and groceries that Coda wanted and when I came home expecting him to put them away while I mowed, he wasn't even here...til nine pm. Ron is lucky he showed up just before I finished mowing cuz I thought I was gonna have to go track down someone to hang with.

I took him out to eat where I have started getting a sixteen ounce steak and turning the one meal into two complete meals. Then I made the mistake of asking if he wanted to go home and he wanted to go to Atwoods. Just looking cost eighty three dollars cuz we got two hummingbird feeders since Coda has seen them on both sides of the den, another metal horse thingy that was really cheap...and FOUR squirrelly looking metal birds (only 2 are goofy/comical, two are hummingbirds) that stick in the ground that Ron picked up and didn't remember to put back down again. The rest of the kitchen prep work consists of totally clearing out the cabinets and pulling off the panelling. I got all the bottom cabinets and drawers cleaned out except the silverware drawer and then we watched Guilt Trip and it was hilarious. Always seems I end up getting movies with the same actor in them alot. This time, Barbara Streisand was on tv just before we put in the movie.

As I said. Overall, great weekend. Even though I have to go back to work tomorrow. Of course, I couldn't let it be totally productive. After writing how I had given up trying to wear bangs like I wanted to, my hair started working with it and I wore bangs almost all week. One of my girls actually asked how I had gotten my combing them down? But since I had worn my hair up and didn't feel like washing the hair a second time today when I showered after mowing, the bangs were just too long. And like an idiot, I thought I would do a very tiny trim. And thought I did. Now they are too short again even though I KNOW I barely trimmed anything. Now they don't look right no matter WHAT I try. So I will probably end up getting a hair cut as soon as I can get them back how they were so I can tell the lady "This is how I want to wear my hair, I just don't want it looking like crap anymore." But I will still have to wait til they grow some. Again.

Poor Zack finally got to start his new second job but thought Midnight Saturday was on Friday night. He went in and then had to come back home again. He has been saying ever since he started working that he has been paying extra on his student loans and I just got around to making him give me a printout but he just printed the totals owed and last payment made. Seventy five dollars? So I asked four times for printouts of the entire payment history and he refused. I told him that would mean I have to take it he has only been paying an extra five dollars and he can start paying me back if he's just wasting all his money. So he wrote a check for a hundred saying to wait til the twentieth to cash it. He says the extra money was going to the pc he built from scratch for awhile and then let me know he has spent fifteen HUNDRED dollars on it. "But it's made to last."

I will be off Tuesday so I will have to stay with Mom longer than normal. I just hope she notices. Made the mistake of calling her after Guilt Trip. Wasn't soon enuf. Even though she knows all the remodel stuff we are doing and that I worked yesterday and went to the party, she started in on nobody ever calls or comes by or thinks about me. That was because I told her I have to work Mother's Day afternoon so I will have to come in the morning before work and everyone else will probably show up after I leave. "No one is thinking about ME for Mother's Day." I just SAID that I was! When she griped about me not calling I pointed out that I had been trying to make sure I either called or went there every other day and that she knew my phone number too. "I don't think it's MY place to have to call anyone. No one gives two hoots about me." And....silence. Well I have been trying to keep up every other day and here are my THREE hoots. Hoot hoot hoot. Did I miss my call Friday? "I can't remember the last time you called."

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    Now I'm inexplicably weary....

    I don't know how you do it all! Way to go!
    1756 days ago
    very busy weekend. i only managed to get about six boxes of stuff up from the basement, ran two loads of laundry, and went to my local comic store on free comic day. and that tired me out. i remember having as much energy as your weekend shows. seems like only last week, when i was 20 years younger. time flies.
    love all the little cartoons.
    1756 days ago
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