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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Welcome to my Sunday Poetry Corner! I decided to post a new poem each Sunday. I love this Gift The Lord gave me so I want to share a little each week. Thank you for reading. This poem I was asked to write for a Mother Daughter brunch on 3rd Sunday this month. I was asked to read it also but the Church is back home in Tulsa. I was so honored to be asked. Then I became nervous! What? Me? My middle name is Poetry! lol But after letting go and letting GOD Guide the Words I came up with this last Tuesday. It blessed me so much I cried as I read it to my niece for her review. She liked it and the Pastor of the Church...SHE liked it too! So I would like you opinions or reflections as well. (I forgot it was a Mother Daughter Brunch Because the Theme Had to do with Seasons. So See How The Lord Worked It Out!) I had a deadline of May 1 if possible and I had just been asked the week before. God Did It!!!


As a winter’s hibernation-
I became God’s creation:
I tumbled out of that fleshly tomb…
Her womb-
To presume,
The title as daughter;
Her precious Gift from The Father;
A new season for my mother.
As I grow…
She begins to really know-
The heart of The Father;
And she follows;
His every command;
Hand in hand…
There are no demands.
Taught to hear Him by my Grandmother-
There’s no other…
Way to go;
But up…
As she pours her heart in a cup;
And sups,
On His Word of Life.
My mother…the wife-
Spreads forth her wings;
She takes care of many things;
And like Spring…
She blooms-
Into …
a sister and a friend;
Faithful to the end;
For God is by her side;
She will never hide;
Like the sun when it disappears;
A new season is here.
As she comes into her Summer…
She never wonders;
Which way to go;
For she flows-
In God’s finesse,
Her greatest years of success,
And joy and happiness.
In between Summer and Winter…
She enters-
Fall…Change…a newness of purpose;
Love’s greatest…
I push and I scream;
As streams…
Of glory reveal-
Prayers fulfilled…
My season to birth;
My daughter into the earth;
My baby girl…
Her season in the world!
Lives rearranged-
We are never the same!

By Deborah Edwards 4/30/2013

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