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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Lost 900g (back to my plateau/maintenance weight). Alcohol units 12 (two down from last week), calorie range days 4, gratitude 1 (having a nice path to cycle to work along a river including pelicans, swans, ducks, and many other birds I don't know the name of).

The kikki.K desktop for May reads "Because when you stop & look around this life is pretty amazing." One of the themes is of looking at ways to simply the physical environment by decluttering and organising.

Although I am organised, I don't have control over my environment at work or at home. So this computer desktop is pretty hard to read each time I start my computer. It just makes me sad and unhappy to read it. Might have to change it.

I guess that's why I can put so much effort into organising the activities and tasks which I can influence or have some control, i.e. myself.

Challenges last week included:

emoticon Day 49 - Focus on the positive

I've been trying, really I have. But it really is just one step in front of the other at the moment. I just don't seem to be able to shake it off, this feeling of going through the motions.

emoticon Day 50 - Play attention to protein intake

The challenge was to stay within my protein range, but also spread the protein over the day. This was a really interesting exercise. I am often within the protein range, but it was interesting to see that most of my protein was consumed at dinner, followed by breakfast, then lunch. I can see now why I like an afternoon snack of yoghurt and frozen berries, or nuts.

emoticon Day 51 - Gather your workout gear in advance

I need to remember to take the clothes I wear in my Pilates class to work. I leave my exercise mat in my office, so it is just a matter of changing and carrying my mat to class.

Last week I rode my bike into work to attend the Pilates class only, i.e. not work just attend the after work session time. The reason being is that my casual work has not been finishing on time, and I have been missing or having to go to the later class. The only hiccup was that I did not take the keys to my office, so had to use one of the class mats. But I survived the use of the thinner mat, and it seemed reasonably clean.

When I exercise at home, I have my exercise clothes hanging on the back of the bedroom door ready for morning exercises either off the internet or DVD. Must admit this hasn't happened for the last couple of weeks as work is not much fun at the moment, so I have been procrastinating getting ready for work and having to leave in a rush.

emoticon Day 52 - Eat a healthy salad

I usually eat a salad for lunch consisting of spinach/rocket and cucumber only. Sometimes I might put in some tomato, but it is always plain, i.e. no dressing. If I eat out, I usually seek out salads that don't have oil or dressings simply because I don't like the taste. For some reason they either taste really salty or sweet to me.

The week before last I had rocket from Dad's garden which was absolutely lovely. Really crunchy fresh with a strong peppery flavour.

emoticon Day 53 - Extra 10 minutes of exercise

I didn't achieve this on the day of the challenge, but I managed it yesterday and today. I usually use the car on the weekends for all the errands. Yesterday I worked out that I could put the broken fax/printer in my bike basket and I could drop it into the transfer station (which now collects e-waste from residents) on the way to the optician and supermarket. So I had a bonus bike ride of 15 minutes each way. Must admit I felt a bit funny riding along with the printer on the back of my bike. Interestingly the man at the transfer station didn't seem surprised at me peddling in to the transfer station, and just asked which suburb I was from.

I also took out of the car the two bags of clothes that I was going to put in the charity clothing bin. I walked to the clothing bin with a bag in each hand and ticked that errand off my list with the bonus of a 10 minute walk.

emoticon Day 54 - Do something that scares you

I don't like arriving late or going alone to places that I don't go regularly. I went with my neighbour to the church market last time, but I know that she likes to catch up with friends that she does not see very often so I did not go with her this time. I decided to go myself and get in another 10 minute walk each way. I bought some wine glasses and pasta dishes. The wine glasses don't fit in the dishwasher, but at 50 cents each I'm prepared to put up with that. I have been looking out for some pasta dishes as the two that we have are starting to look like they might break. So being able to get four dishes for $3 was definitely a bargain to be had.

emoticon Day 55 - Skip all soda for a day

Easy peasy, as I don't drink pop. But I have been attempting to cut down on the number of occasions that we drink alcohol.

New work roster next week, and because I have been dragging my feet getting ready for work I am going to shower, prepare my clothes and my lunch before I go to bed. So at least I can look forward to enough time to put on my exercise clothes and bop about before I ride to work.
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