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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Brunch: bridal shower so I have no clue what I ate, but I know I ate a lot of salad and a decent amount of fruit along with some desserts
Snack: donut, I'm not exactly sure what kind, but I ate the whole thing so it wasn't good no matter what lol, tall non-fat green tea frappacino, no whip, no syrup and a handful of starbursts
Dinner: 1 piece of Little Caesar's hot n' ready and a breadstick
Dessert: piece of ice cream cake

Oh my goodness, I hate writing all that crap down. But I'm being real with you. After the super late night last night/this morning, we had a bridal shower at 11am where they served brunch with a TON of desserts. Before I saw the desserts I had gone back for a little more salad, fruit and a piece of sandwich they had and once I found the desserts, I ditched the sandwich rather than eating those calories too, but then I had a piece of chocolate cheesecake and 3 mini cheesecake muffins. Then after the bridal shower, Aimee and I quickly went back to her apt to clean it all up before hers and Ashley's apt warming party. I quickly ran to Starbucks to get a frap for each of us and then when I got back, I had a donut. emoticon I seriously was planning on being decently good today and that just did not happen. I did drink a lot of water and I got in all my fruits and veggies, but everything else wasn't great. I also made a new dessert that I took a small bite of to taste it and everyone else agreed it was a winner. It's rice Krispy treats with chocolate and then rolled up. One of my friends called it a candy sushi :) here's a pic of them and regular Rice Krispies that I made for the party. OH YEAH! I just remembered, because we didn't want to pull out board games yet, we played Just Dance and Kinect Sports for about 45 minutes so I did get some movement in. After that, we played Disney Headbands Nd then went to the bowling alley to sing karaoke. It was such. Long day, but it was a really good one too. Now church in the morning, hopefully a nap after church, choir practice and then we're doing karaoke at church tomorrow night too lol Oy vey!
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