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Bark In the Park

Saturday, May 04, 2013

First, let me say the weathermen in Chicago have a horrible job. Happy for me, the front (along with the cold and storms) never showed today. It was beautiful! Evil Cherub got to go with me. We had a blast and I could probably write War and Peace about it. I'm going to try for Reader's Digest.

We both had a bad morning. She got up late and had to rush to get me. Hubby and I were doing pictures in the front. I left when she got to me.

Notice anything missing? Neither did I until we got all the way to the race and I realized - I forgot my bib! So I went to the customer service tent and asked if they had someone who was willing to rescue an idiot! It got a good laugh and they gave me a different bib!

Fortunately that was the last of my bad luck. We started by playing at the vendors. I got a "I like big mutts" t-shirt and a ton of samples for the girls. I took a picture with the mascot too! Ran into Michelle_391, I didn't even know she was going to be there. Was actually petting her dog before I realized who it was (there was a lot of just scratch whatever fur walked under your hand). It was great seeing her again.

Then it was time for the race. I was so busy with the dogs, I almost missed the call to line up. Got there less than a minute before the start. Gave my stuff to my buddy, and off we went. I realized about 2 minutes out of the gate that I have left my MP3 player with my friend. So no music today.

I started doing cadence in my head and just went for it. The first mile and a half was the best run of my life. Weather felt good and I had a great pace going. I was dead middle of the pack and going strong.

Just before the 2 mile mark my allergies kicked in and my nose decided to close off completely! I had a cement block for a head. I kept going but breathing was difficult. I wasn't stopping but I know I started to slow. A man came up next to me and noticed my breathing. He asked (very concerned actually) if I was having an asthma attack. I tried to get out that my allergy meds had stopped working but I was so congested it really came out bad. I guess I was nasally enough that he laughed a bit and told me good luck.

I got to the soccer field we had passed on the way out. I know we had less than a half mile left. I was almost more than I could do to keep going. My mouth was parched and I couldn't breathe. What was so aggravating was that my legs and body felt great but I just couldn't get any air.

That last half mile felt like FOREVER and I couldn't actually see the finish line until I was almost on top of it. But I did it. Bulldogs breathe better on a 100 degree day than I was then.

I looked at my watch - 28 minutes and 25 seconds?!? With no air and no music I was just over a minute shy of my PR! I have to say I was thrilled with myself. So water and stretch time. I got a small glass of water and tried to stretch.

However my stretch wasn't going to happen. I sat on the ground to try to stretch at first. I ended up with a cocker spaniel in my lap. Once her owner fetched the cocker, I decided to stretch standing up. I went to do a basic hamstring stretch and as I bent over - I had a chocolate lab through my legs in my face giving me the "whatcha doing" look, followed by a firm lick! I gave up and played with the lab.

We did a quick vegetarian lunch in China town and headed home. My girls were INSANE when I walked in . Tazzy is still sniffing and snuffling my bag. I took the girls for a short walk with hubby. Just 1.5 miles in 30 minutes.

Now I've done dinner. Hubby is playing his new Star Trek game and I'm gonna relax with my girls. Hope everyone had a Wonderful day!

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